Test Systems Engineer - Mid Level

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Job Description:

Test Systems Engineer (Mid-Level)

Overall Assignment Description:

Mid-level Test Systems Engineers perform Application, System and Integration Testing across the National System of Geospatial-intelligence (NSG), Allied System of Geospatial-intelligence (ASG) and Federal Agencies to ensure timely and accurate GEOINT.

Duties include:

  • Performs test and evaluation across the National System of Geospatial-intelligence (NSG), Allied System of Geospatial-intelligence (ASG) and Federal Agencies.
  • Performs testing of applications and application programming interfaces (APIs) in DevOps pipelines utilizing quality assurance measures established by the government and industry best practices.
  • Performs independent integration testing on the system software or hardware to determine the system’s compliance with specified requirements.
  • Plans and executes manual tests, and automated test scripts using scripting and programming languages.
  • Supports technical investigations for defects discovered during test activities.
  • NGA Test Organization (NTO) work activities the Test Systems Engineer position would be required to support include:
    • Further expand automated test capabilities to include automated testing of coded functions of GEOINT applications, and machine learning for automated generation of test code.
    • Support agile, end-to-end system, operational, integration, and regression testing and analysis on NGA, NSG, and ASG mission production systems, GEOINT services, and corporate business applications.
    • Perform requirements decomposition to identify and develop test cases and objectives.
    • Conduct system workflow and interoperability analysis to identify test case insertion points.
    • Conduct assessment of risk to the enterprise, architecture, legacy capabilities, and end user to determine the risk priority and scope of planned testing.
    • Coordinate test participation with all NGA stakeholders, mission partners, other NSG/ASG programs, segments, and projects, de-conflicting schedule and resource conflicts.
    • Generate detailed Discrepancy Reports (DRs) and track developer and program office Technical Investigation (TI) updates to determine need for re-test.
    • Perform analysis of test case results and analyze output from artifacts against risk to the NSG/ASG to develop a recommendation for operational readiness.
    • Develop Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) criteria and system acceptance tests.
    • Assist with early planning for the architecture and engineering of cloud environments to determine the optimal setup and workflow test configurations within cloud environments.
    • Collaborate and coordinate with development teams to support agile test practices, and test-driven and behavior-driven development principles.
    • Identify and recommend candidate systems or test functions for automation, profiling, and load testing.
    • Execute tools or scripts in appropriate test environments to determine specific areas of a system, service, or capability to be analyzed manually and in more detail.
    • Perform network virtualization to model and simulate application performance experienced by end users.
    • Apply automated test solutions developed by engineers and define automated acceptance tests to validate system behaviors.
    • Perform adaptive test engineering.
    • Provide performance profiling analysis.
    • Modify scripts for DevTest tools for the virtualization of specific services.
    • Execute load testing for applicable customers during the development phase of their acquisition lifecycle.
    • Conduct API test engineering.
    • Use analysis of tools, scripts, or metrics to provide feedback to developers throughout the development and deployment schedule, from early testing to promotion to operations, and develop recommendations for customers regarding how they can gain efficiencies, how to optimize utility, or if deployment should occur.
    • Analyze performance trends and user experience data to identify parameters for automated governance processes that will facilitate a digital/automated, Go/No Go capability.
    • Facilitate and oversee self-service and collaborative end-to-end system testing and analysis inclusive of DevOps and cloud hosted developed applications, tools, and services.
    • Conduct trend and root cause analysis and communicate with program offices and developers.
    • Develop and execute Chaos testing approaches

Required Skills:

Skills and Experience:



  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, or related STEM degree program.
  • 6+ to 12 years of experience including:
  • Experience with test management and defect tracking tools.
  • Experience with traditional, Agile, and DevOps development practices and associated testing strategies.


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, or related STEM degree program.
  • Experience with three or more of the following; JMeterand, Jenkins, Docker, Postman, Swagger, Nexus, Apigee or GitHub/GitLab (or equivalent software packages), Java, Bash, Curl, XML, JSON, SQL, Python, Javascript, and AWS and C2S.
  • Working knowledge of Model Based Systems Engineering, processes, tools and languages.
  • Working knowledge of Software Development Frameworks.

Posted On: Monday, March 30, 2020

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