Integration Engineer - Expert - TS/SCI

Shine Systems - Springfield, VA

The contractor shall provide services supporting the on-going Program Office and CAP/SAP modernization efforts for the Analytic Services environment, Exploitation Services environment, Foundation GEOINT environment, Mission System Resiliency, IT Infrastructure, and GEOINT Needs and Collection System Management services.

The contractor shall support Enterprise Integration and Modernization activities of this Task Order to include, but are not limited to:

  1. Provide engineering, integration, and architecture analysis to support modernization efforts that incorporate standards-based, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technology (e.g. ESRI’s ArcGIS) as the platform for both server and desktop components. Ensure alignment with the To-Be Architecture. Provide expertise to application development and create digital models/representation/documentation as appropriate to assist NGA modernization initiatives.
  2. Support the execution of pilots to inform the Analytic and Exploitation Environment, Structured Observation Management (SOM) with regard to Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) and Object Based Production (OBP) systems development, and the transition capabilities to operational systems of record. Assist with Analytic and Exploitation Environment integration summits and leadership and integration meetings with key stakeholder organizations.
  3. Support the government modernization efforts by defining the interfaces between programs and pilots to ensure a cohesive workflow.
  4. Support the identification, planning, design, development and integration of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Augmentation (AAA) technologies into the modernization efforts.


  5. In support of AAA, conduct TEMS, Design Reviews, Deep Dives, and Requirements Analysis sessions to review and decompose requirements to ensure they support enterprise- level mission needs and requirements.
  6. Develop solutions using AAA technologies to modernize GEOINT Needs and Collection Management leading to the successful implementation of GEOINT Broker concepts and legacy component retirement.
  7. Support the modernization efforts in using AAA to automate tipping, cueing and collection management across the GEOINT architecture, on all security domains and mission geographic locations in all data repository environments (on and off premise and in the cloud).
  8. Support the review and assess current NGA processes and tools for planning, executing, and monitoring NGA’ s modernization initiatives in Collaboration with Systems Engineering Processes & Tools NGA Foundational Engineering contractor.
  9. Support pilot program execution to inform modernization systems development and service integration. Support engineering activities during development to ensure correctness and completeness of requirements. Capture changes in the Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architectures and Enterprise Requirement repositories and digital models/representations. Support the transition to an operational capability.
  10. Develop and maintain integration project plans and schedules for each Modernization effort to make certain that program, project, and/or segment requirements and schedules are aligned and baselined to ensure end-to-end system integration.
  11. Support Foundation GEOINT Mission initiatives by integrating the numerous efforts across the Source Foundation GEOINT office (SF) domains (e.g. Aeronautical, Maritime, Human Geography, Geomatics), Research (R) (e.g. Enterprise Engine’s Machine Learning), and the efforts within the CIO-T Program Integration office.
  12. Support the Enterprise System Resiliency efforts working with NSG, ASG, and other mission partners as applicable by providing engineering and integration expertise.
  13. Support the Governments enterprise wide Compartmented/Special Access Program (CAP/SAP) modernization and data integration into the NSG, ASG and applicable systems. Coordinate with mission partners to engineer solutions that meet required security standards for CAP/SAP data storage and processing authorization.
  14. Support the IT Infrastructure Modernization efforts working with NSG, ASG, and other mission partners as applicable by providing engineering and integration expertise.
  15. Plan for the delivery of capabilities and features across programs to enable program/project alignment with each other, and defined effectivities. Establish the basic cadence for the enterprise and synchronize non-agile functions with programs using an agile cadence.
  16. Use Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools and methodologies to support ongoing enterprise integration and modernization efforts.


Posted On: Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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