Electronics Engineer (TS/SCI)

Shine Systems - Charlottesville, VA


BS in Electrical or Electronics Engineering with 3-10 years of experience.

Expertise in electronics engineering concepts as they pertain to determining the characteristics of current foreign military research on electronics and sensor systems and predicting future capabilities and battlefield effectiveness of such systems. Specialized expertise in weapon system-of-systems is highly desired. 

Experience in technical engineering analysis of sensors, networks, communication systems, and battlefield automation - using COTS and government simulation tools (e.g., computer aided design (CAD) models, key threat signatures, software/embedded systems) -to identify and document weapon functionality, capabilities, and vulnerabilities.   

Experience integrating and analyzing information on foreign electronic warfare (EW) systems, communications and non-communications jammers, waveforms and equipment correlations of EW systems, radio electronic combat and air defense countermeasures.

Experience in target tracking and target acquisition radars incorporating advanced technologies such as antenna theory, low- probability-of-intercept signals, signal processing, sensor and data fusion, and electromagnetic-wave propagation in a multitude of environments. 

Knowledge of complex physical and mathematical principles associated with operation of a radar including; detection theory, antenna theory, electromagnetic wave propagation, and radar signal processing

Ability to apply above expertise, experience and knowledge to assess the capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities of military systems or processes and produce all-source intelligence products.

Willingness to work in small groups or independently as necessary.

Demonstrated technical writing and presentation skills.

Other duties as assigned


MS or PhD in Electrical or Electronics Engineering with 0-3 years of experience.

Experience reviewing and assessing military ground technologies.

Experience with all-source assessments for intelligence agencies.

Posted On: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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