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Sr. Sales Consultant: US Locations

Software Placement Group - Boston, MA, United States

This is a very hot Cloud Big Data company. Their doubled last year!

Job Description

  • Manages, oversees and supports the technical Pre-Sale cycle. Such support to include presentations, demonstrations, and site visits to support evaluation projects and establish trust relationship with the customer. All of these activities are to be in close cooperation with the sales person for each account so as to progress toward the business “close” expeditiously.
  • Presents and demonstrates product at various seminars and trade show venues. Provides similar support for technical and financial analyst meetings and press editorial meetings.
  • Provides technical sales liaison with Product Engineering. Remain current with the product functions and features, and with alternative products in the markets we serves.
  • Keeps up-to-date with versions of supported operating systems, database management systems and network transport protocols.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

Experience and Skills

  1. More than 5 years of technical experience, preferably in a software organization. Experience with Data Warehouses and Big Data.
  2. Proven ability to work with the sales team during all aspects of a sales cycle. Proven ability to facilitate the closing of large deals.
  3. Proven ability to demonstrate software and articulate the technology during the sales cycle.
  4. Proven ability to project a confident attitude and professional demeanor in all customer interactions. Experience with Hadoop.
  5. Deep understanding of the Big Data market. Experience with RDBMS.
  6. Experience with replication or ETL tools is considered a plus. Experience with Cloud technology is considered a plus

Posted On: Monday, December 2, 2019
Compensation: $160k - $210k

Position Contact
Jeff Calannio
(949) 499-6962
Laguna Niguel, CA
Jeffrey’s past success was founding Strategic Placement Group in 1994. Software Placement Group, SPG, was founded at a later time with the same successful core business principles. He has gained vast experience in strategic US recruiting over 25 years with prior background in selling software. Jeffrey is a career coach and is involved with several major charities.
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