Data Engineer

Sparrow Company - Tijuana, BC

The Staff Data Application Engineer will lead the design and delivery of sophisticated analytics applications across several data areas, while designing and directing the delivery of application frameworks that manifest innovation and optimize engineering efficiency.

Job Functions:

· Collaborate with architects and other engineers on data application designs and corresponding framework enhancements.

· Identify and execute on opportunities for innovation in data application design and engineering.

· Interpret requirements, design, develop, test, and release analytics applications leveraging an agile methodology.

· Drive collaboration with product managers, analysts, and customers on application requirements and success criteria.

· Scope application framework design and engineering effort and work with project teams’ roadmaps integrating framework enhancements and application delivery in an agile fashion.


  • Experience with relational data processing (SQL, RDBMS)
  • Programming experience (Unix/C/Java/Scala/Python)
  • Experience with data processing at scale (parallel processing technologies)
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Experience with modular design and code re-use.
  • Experience with streaming technologies (Kafka).
  • Knowledgeable in Java APIs, REST APIs, and/or services architecture.
  • Experience with agile and waterfall project development methodologies.
  • Experience with web frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJS and data visualization JS libraries.
  • Experience with cloud technologies is a plus.
  • Experience with machine learning is a plus.

Posted On: Thursday, May 21, 2020
Compensation: $30,000 - $47,000 MXN

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