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Sterling Search Inc. has been exclusively retained to recruit for the new Program Head of Services (“PHOS”) for the Homes for Life Foundation (“HFLF”).

The mission of HFLF is to offer mentally ill adults the choice of a home for life to prevent the downward spiral of despair and the crises resultant from eviction and homelessness, many times ending in death, due to the lack of permanent, supportive housing.


Homes for Life Foundation (“HFLF”) is dedicated to breaking the “revolving door syndrome” that generates homelessness. Since 1987, the Homes for Life Foundation has established a network of permanent, affordable, service-enriched housing in Los Angeles County for individuals who suffer from mental illness and are homeless. Under the leadership of well-respected Founder and Executive Director, Carol Liess, HFLF has led the way in creating a holistic approach to meet the needs of the homeless and mentally ill community. HFLF boasts award winning permanent, quality housing solutions where clients can choose to live there for an unlimited period while their basic life needs are met in a caring and supportive living environment. Additionally, clients receive services that include counseling, rehabilitation and case management. This innovative and synergistic approach helps build a sense of belonging and provides a strong foundation to help clients reach their highest potential.

Homelessness, and the lack of permanent housing for persons with mental disabilities, is a social problem that has been identified, but not yet fully addressed by public or private agencies. HFLF are pioneers in this space and have been working in communities to overcome opposition due to nimbyism. They are industry veterans, and for more than 30 years have paved the way in combining housing and supportive services in Los Angeles County. Also, as a pioneering leader, 20 years ago at the request of the DMH, initially as a one of a kind program, they embarked upon emancipated youth programming which is still running today and has become a standard model for the industry.

HFLF is highly respected with established services, infrastructure and a track record of success operating system-changing programs based on concepts of prevention and collaboration among agencies. Committed to providing permanent housing that incorporates client-centered rehabilitation and case management services, HFLF brings together families, government agencies, and mental health professionals to serve homeless mentally ill people in a cost-effective manner. HFLF is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic long-term continuum of care program and not fragment services by transferring clients to other agencies. This ideology empowers staff to be a part of long-term treatment goals and ensures consistency which fosters an environment where homeless and mentally ill populations are able to thrive. As further testament to HFLF’s innovative approach, an environment of creativity is promoted allowing staff to find nuanced intervention programs such as cooking groups.

HFLF boasts a 38 bed state licensed transitional facility, HFL Cedar Street Homes, as well as award winning group homes. There is no other agency in the nation renovating apartment buildings in collaboration with the County and offering services at the caliber of HFLF. The successful candidate will spend most of their time on-site at HFL Cedar Street Homes, which has the largest clinical team and around the clock staffing, and responsibilities of this role are split between the clinical and residential side.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of our client’s lives at one of the most respected agencies in the Greater Los Angeles area. Unlike many agencies, you are working closely with our clients in their everyday environment and not only via clinic office visits. As a result, our clinicians see the impact of their work daily and are part of the long-term success.

Job Description

Homes for Life Foundation (HFLF), is seeking a licensed mental health professional (LCSW, LMFT) for the position of Program Head of Services (PHOS) for the HFL Cedar Street Homes Program. The individual must have the ability to assess clients, to complete and/or provide oversight on all DMH-required paperwork, to include providing direct services and linking clients to community resources. This is a full-time position, requiring flexible hours to include evenings and weekends, if needed, for crisis response. The PHOS provides on-site supervision, training and oversight to clinical staff, and on-site clinical support to facility staff (Facility Administrator, Facility Manager, residential staff and volunteers). The PHOS reports directly to the HFLF Head of Services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Extensive experience in working with chronically mentally ill clients, completing clinical assessments, performing crisis intervention, serving as a liaison between clients, physicians, LA Public Guardians (LAPGs), LA County Department of Mental Health (DMH), and others.
  • Extensive psycho-social rehabilitation experience, to include development of client-driven service plans, coordination and delivery of billable units of service (mental health, individual and group rehab sessions, linkages, crisis intervention, case management).
  • Must have excellent administrative skills to be accountable for oversight and maintenance of DMH-required progress notes, client records, and billable units of service.
  • Development and coordination of on and off-site supportive activities including individual services, group meetings, community volunteer and vocational opportunities to improve the quality of life, self-esteem, and stability of clients.
  • Liaison with clients' family members and provision of family education, if needed: Advocate for clients with various county social and mental health agencies and service providers.
  • Must be willing to attend trainings and meetings required by DMH
  • Ability to train, supervise and provide clinical supervision hours toward licensure for MSWs and/or AMFTs, in accordance with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.
  • Majority of time is spent on-site, providing training, supervision, and support to staff.
  • Must be willing to travel in personal vehicle to Los Angeles and surrounding counties, in response to client referrals.
  • In accordance with our "team" philosophy, the person filling this position may occasionally be required to carry out or assist with other tasks in addition to the duties listed on this job description.

Additional Responsibilities: HFL Cedar Street Homes Program

  • Participate in regular meetings between psychiatrist and clients, providing clients’ progress updates to psychiatrist.
  • Communicate with on-site consultants, as needed.
  • Provide oversight to student interns.
  • Coordinate and lead weekly clinical team meetings.
  • Attend HFLF off-site bi-monthly clinical team meetings; assist with, and provide oversight on, client case presentations.
  • Assist with DMH audits and paperwork (i.e., staffing grids, policies, any/all added requirements, self-assessment reports, etc.).
  • Assist with Plans of Correction (POC) following audits.
  • Supervise Intake/Discharge Coordinator and assist in obtaining required information and documentation during intake/discharge process.

DMH Contract Compliance: Mental Health, Case Management, Crisis Intervention

  • Provide evidence of updated clinical license.
  • Devise and maintain quality control system.
  • Ensure that all client files are cross checked monthly for required updates and accuracy of documents (i.e., treatment plans, progress notes, consent forms, conservatorship papers, other).
  • Check case managers’ delivery of units of service (UOS) each week to meet UOS quotas.
  • Complete assessments of DMH-referred clients in outlying cities of Los Angeles County and other counties, in order to keep beds filled to capacity at 38.
  • Complete DMH incident reports as needed.
  • Transport clients (in emergencies) to medical appointments, group activities, other.
  • Attend the following: monthly DMH-required QIC meetings, DMH Service Area Advisory Committee meetings, IMD Provider Step Down meetings, Norwalk Community meetings, meetings with Metropolitan State Hospital, in-house meetings with DMH liaison, in-house clinical meetings, in-house management meetings, other.

State Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division (DSS/CCL)

  • Become familiar with DSS/CCL Title 22 Regulations for state licensed adult residential facilities (ARFs).
  • Become familiar with Facility Administrator’s duties and responsibilities and work in harmony with Facility Administrator, Facility Manager and other residential staff in order to help comply with DSS/CCL requirements.
  • Become familiar with DSS/CCL forms.
  • Train clinicians and supportive services staff to document and provide information to Facility Administrator that must be included in DSS/CCL Incident Reports.
  • Assist with required revisions to clients’ Appraisal/Needs & Services Plans both annually and as may be needed/required by DSS/CCL.
  • Provide oversight on the gathering and provision of client-required information from clinicians and supportive services staff to Facility Administrator that must be included on a sundry of DSS/CCL forms.


  • Complete annual performance evaluations for directly supervised staff.
  • Complete interviews of candidates for clinical and supportive services positions.
  • Assist with public presentations as needed.
  • Additional tasks and responsibilities to be assigned as needed, based on agency and program needs.


  • Communicates information effectively and accurately, verbally and in written format.
  • Knowledge of DMH’s psycho-social rehabilitation program.
  • Excellent administrative and record keeping ability with keen attention to details; organized and strategic planner.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, maintaining professional demeanor at all times.
  • Critical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Must provide proof of, and maintain, Live Scan fingerprint clearance, valid California Driver’s License, safe driving record, adequate automobile insurance, including Uninsured (UI) Motorist coverage, and current First Aid card.
  • Must take initiative, while remaining open to direction.
  • Reliable/dependable.

Education and/or Experience

  • Must have at least five years’ experience working with chronically mentally ill adults.
  • Minimum two years’ experience under the Department of Mental Health’s Rehabilitation Program [(i.e., more specifically, must have acquired experience/skills of providing mental health, crisis intervention, linkages and case management brokerage services to clients served).

A competitive compensation and benefits package will be offered to attract an outstanding candidate.

Please send resumes to:

Sterling Search, Inc.

Phone: 310 909 4897 or 714 433 7040

Direct all correspondence emails and telephone calls to Sterling Search, Inc.

Any resumes sent or telephone calls made to Homes for Life Foundation will be redirected to Sterling Search, Inc.

Posted On: Friday, June 14, 2019

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