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Sterling Search Inc. has been exclusively retained to recruit for the new Head of Services (“HOS”) for the Homes for Life Foundation (“HFLF”).

The mission of HFLF is to offer mentally ill adults the choice of a home for life to prevent the downward spiral of despair and the crises resultant from eviction and homelessness, many times ending in death, due to the lack of permanent, supportive housing.


Homes for Life Foundation (“HFLF”) is dedicated to breaking the “revolving door syndrome” that generates homelessness. Since 1987, the Homes for Life Foundation has established a network of permanent, affordable, service-enriched housing in Los Angeles County for individuals who suffer from mental illness and are homeless. Under the leadership of well-respected Founder and Executive Director, Carol Liess, HFLF has led the way in creating a holistic approach to meet the needs of the homeless and mentally ill community. HFLF boasts award winning permanent, quality housing solutions where clients can choose to live there for an unlimited period while their basic life needs are met in a caring and supportive living environment. Additionally, clients receive services that include counseling, rehabilitation and case management. This innovative and synergistic approach helps build a sense of belonging and provides a strong foundation to help clients reach their highest potential.

Homelessness, and the lack of permanent housing for persons with mental disabilities, is a social problem that has been identified, but not yet fully addressed by public or private agencies. HFLF are pioneers in this space and have been working in communities to overcome opposition due to nimbyism. They are industry veterans, and for more than 30 years have paved the way in combining housing and supportive services in Los Angeles County. Also, as a pioneering leader, 20 years ago at the request of the DMH, initially as a one of a kind program, they embarked upon emancipated youth programming which is still running today and has become a standard model for the industry.

HFLF is highly respected with established services, infrastructure and a track record of success operating system-changing programs based on concepts of prevention and collaboration among agencies. Committed to providing permanent housing that incorporates client-centered rehabilitation and case management services, HFLF brings together families, government agencies, and mental health professionals to serve homeless mentally ill people in a cost-effective manner. HFLF is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic long-term continuum of care program and not fragment services by transferring clients to other agencies. This ideology empowers staff to be a part of long-term treatment goals and ensures consistency which fosters an environment where homeless and mentally ill populations are able to thrive. As further testament to HFLF’s innovative approach, an environment of creativity is promoted allowing staff to find nuanced intervention programs such as cooking groups.

HFLF boasts a 38 bed state licensed transitional facility as well as award winning group homes. There is no other agency in the nation renovating apartment buildings in collaboration with the County and offering services at the caliber of HFLF. The successful candidate will be a major contributor to the successes of various programs, including seven small group homes, a 38-bed transitional housing program, and a transitional housing program serving 18 Transitional-Age-Youth (TAY) aged 18-20, by providing clinical support, training, and supervision to respective program managers.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of our client’s lives at one of the most respected agencies in the Greater Los Angeles area. Unlike many agencies, you are working closely with our clients in their everyday environment and not only via clinic office visits. As a result, our clinicians see the impact of their work daily and are part of the long-term success.

Job Description

HFLF is seeking a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) for the position of Head of Services (HOS). Must have two years’ experience working with homeless/chronically homeless, chronically mentally ill clients. Individual must have the ability to develop and coordinate programs. The HOS provides supervision, training, and clinical support to program managers, mental health clinicians, and student interns at various residential programs. Individual must have the ability to clinically assess and develop treatment plans using standards established by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LAC DMH). The (HOS) will liaise with the Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager and all levels of management to implement effective quality control measures and to monitor productivity, ensuring contract(s) compliance. This is a full-time position requiring flexibility to include evenings and weekends for crisis response.

Duties and Responsibilities (These duties and responsibilities are not all-inclusive.)

  • Commute to assigned housing sites daily, providing supervision, training, support, and general oversight to supervisees and other program staff; travel to corporate office upon request; assist with client transportation as needed.
  • Assist with crisis intervention while on-site, and be available for phone consultation, as needed.
  • Assess potential and current residents to ensure that they’re placed at the appropriate level of care, and that specific program criteria are being met.
  • Must have extensive psycho-social rehabilitation experience, to include development of client-driven treatment plans and delivery of Medi-Cal billable services (individual and group sessions; targeted case management services; crisis intervention) in order to effectively train and supervise direct services staff. Must lead and facilitate regularly scheduled clinical team meetings in accordance with agency policies and protocol, and university requirements.
  • Must have the ability to perform ongoing needs assessments in order to assist direct services staff in developing appropriate on and off-site support programs and activities that will improve the quality of life, self-esteem and stability of clients; will also provide support and guidance on client advocacy, community resource linkage; serve as liaison between clients, family members, clinicians, physicians, service providers and community resources, etc.
  • Train/monitor/review clinicians’ documentation, progress notes, assessments, treatment plans, and other paperwork required by DMH and other service grants; provide oversight on completion of services in order to meet quotas; assess and assist to improve quality control system to ensure provision of quality services, improved client outcomes, and general compliance with DMH deadline requirements and policies.
  • Exercise progressive disciplinary actions when needed, including preparing and issuing Corrective Action Memos and Performance Improvement Plans.
  • Review/approve/deny supervisees’ requests for time off; track approved time off and time sheet deadlines; collect/review time sheets and submit approved time sheets to Human Resources by deadlines.
  • Attend on and off-site trainings and meetings upon request (i.e., DMH meetings, including Quality Improvement Committee meetings; the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and/or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) meetings, and others as needed).
  • Attend agency’s bi-monthly clinical team meetings; assist with assigning, coordinating, and reviewing case presentations.
  • Assist with DMH audits and required paperwork (i.e., staffing grids, new requirements, self-assessment report, policies and procedures); assist with the Plan of Correction (POC) following audits.
  • Prepare and assist clinical and mental health staff with preparing Department of Social Services - Community Care Licensing (DSS-CCL) Incident Reports in a timely manner; provide oversight and assist with annual Appraisal / Needs & Services Plans (ANSP) required by DSS-CCL; assist with gathering information, coordinating completion of forms required by DSS-CCL.
  • Supervise and assist clinicians with DMH, DSS-CCL and HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) client-related paperwork required by County, State and Federal agencies.
  • Assist with new housing projects (i.e., assessing applicants/potential residents prior to admission; participating in interviews and making hiring decisions for direct services staff; coordinating and assisting to meet time lines related to delivery of services).
  • Assist with public presentations, as needed and/or upon request.


  • Must remain current and knowledgeable of California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) standards and requirements in order to maintain own current/active LCSW licensure status, and to provide BBS-eligible clinical supervision to direct services staff (ACSWs/AMFTs). While employed, must provide copies of renewals prior to expirations.
  • Excellent working knowledge of DMH Rehabilitation Program.
  • Excellent management, administrative, record keeping abilities and skills; critical thinker and problem-solver; strong communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Excellent interpersonal skills while developing and maintaining professional relations with all staff and levels of management, clients, families, service providers, and others.
  • Maintenance of Live Scan clearance and safe driving record; ability and willingness to travel to HFLF work sites daily.

    Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree and LCSW license; must have at least two years’ experience working with homeless / chronically homeless, chronically mentally ill adults, plus at least two years’ experience working under the DMH Rehabilitation Program, specifically in providing mental health services, crisis intervention services, and targeted case management.

A competitive compensation and benefits package will be offered to attract an outstanding candidate.

Please send resumes to:

Sterling Search, Inc.

Phone: 310 909 4897 or 714 433 7040

Direct all correspondence emails and telephone calls to Sterling Search, Inc.

Any resumes sent or telephone calls made to Homes for Life Foundation will be redirected to Sterling Search, Inc.

Posted On: Friday, June 14, 2019

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