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The Fulfillment Fund makes college a reality for more than 2,500 students annually, who are growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities. It delivers a comprehensive and unique college access curriculum providing classroom instruction, college/financial aid, counseling, mentoring, and scholarships to help students successfully access and complete college. For 40 years, the Fulfillment Fund has been building relationships, illuminating opportunities, and changing lives. Not only are they helping scholars complete High School and College, they are providing a pathway to future success by also helping new graduates build successful careers.Today the Fulfillment has an annual budget approaching $4 million.

While building this rich history of service, the Fulfillment Fund has fostered strong partnerships with school districts and a brand as one of the best providers of college access to education for underserved communities in Los Angeles.They have assembled a high-performing, dedicated and philanthropic Board of Directors, a committed Leadership Council, approximately [20,000] alumni who have graduated college and an experienced and passionate staff. In addition, with year-after year of tangible outcomes and incredible student testimonials the Fulfillment Fund has created a fan base and following of long-term sustainable donors, alumni and volunteers.

In addition, recently the Fulfillment Fund proudly pioneered its Digital Learning Program which provides 9-12th grade students with a comprehensive college access curriculum, consisting of engaging videos, animations, different study formats, worksheets and quizzes. With this digital platform comes an incredible opportunity to take College Access to a whole new audience by building out a scalable learning platform to new markets.

In the opinion of the Board of Directors, the Fulfillment Fund has a tremendous responsibility to leverage this platform and is thereby embarking on a new renaissance to hire a top CEO to lead its strong management team.This position is a career-making opportunity for a new CEO who, with visionary leadership, strong organizational and operational skills, will inspire and lead the organization to a new heightened vision. He/she will implement this vision by developing a culture based upon a sense of core ethics of collaboration, self- improvement and the drive of excellence.

Position Description

The CEO reports directly to the Board of Trustees.The CEO is charged with building on the Fulfillment Fund’s years of success to realize the organization’s vision by leading team members to carry out the vision, aligning the organizational practices to its mission, and strategically planning to ensure the vision and mission are achievable. The CEO is the chief spokesperson representing the organization to constituencies, both internal and external and is responsible for building community engagement, empowered employees and financial sustainability. The scope of responsibility includes strategic thinking and planning, as well as overseeing operations, finance, administration, programs, fund development, marketing, and community relations.The CEO will build, foster, and maintain a balanced organizational culture that combines the richness and relevance of programs with the efficacy of best business practices, fiscal accountability, and institutional impact.

We are seeking candidates offering the following qualifications:

Leadership – Has experience leading a complex organization through growth and change.Has demonstrated leadership in stewardship of a Board leading to improved effectiveness, organizational support and fundraising. Demonstrated ability to plan and execute strategically, build public support, strengthen infrastructure, inspire staff as well as Board members. Has a demonstrated capacity in creating a system that achieves desired outcomes, implementing programs, policies and key metrics and evaluating results.Possesses the ability to build/train a best-in-class team to carry out the mission and vision of the Fulfillment Fund. A minimum of seven years of experience in a senior organizational capacity leadership role required.

Presence and Stature - Be a recognized civic / business leader with the unique skill and ability to build an organization that over time will be one of the most influential not-for-profits within Southern California.

Fund Development – Along with the Chief Development Officer, be a visionary by creating a “buy-in” of the mission and vision of the Fulfillment Fund among new funding sources while nurturing existing funding relationships.

Communication - Demonstrated capacity to explain, advocate and express facts and ideas in a convincing manner with an ability to negotiate with individuals and stakeholders internally and externally on behalf of the organization. Needs to possess outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively with and gain the respect and support of varied constituencies.

Innovation and Technology - Demonstrated project management leadership skills scaling innovative solutions, preferably with technology.

Analytical - Has data analysis skills, a system-wide perspective and the ability to quantify Board direction and Strategic Plan goals into measurable outcomes to achieve or exceed agreed upon outcomes.Successful candidate will have the ability to leverage and expand data resources informing and supporting the Board in their decision-making.

Financial – Experience in managing complex financial organizations assuring proper treasury and control functions are properly executed. Must have a demonstrated track record of excellent fiscal, cash flow and budget management outcomes and a high level of business acumen.

Education and Experience - Advanced degree preferred. A Bachelor’s degree is required.

Direct all correspondence emails and telephone calls to Sterling Search, Inc. Any resumes sent or telephone calls made to the Fulfillment Fund will be redirected to Sterling Search, Inc.

The Fulfillment Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Posted On: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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