Systems Administrator III

Sundial Software - Madison, WI

The work assigned to this contractor will be assigned by the Web Platform Services Supervisor and monitoring of services provided will occur on a routine basis. This is a core service to the State of Wisconsin.

The service provider will need to have experience in Websphere Administration and peripheral services, along with the various intricacies of its configuration and use of integrated applications.

Skills and qualifications being requested include:

• Installation, maintenance, administration and monitoring of the WebSphere Software in a multi-platform environment (SUSE Linux and Windows)

• Proactive resolution of problems and/or alerts received by various monitoring and management systems.

• Resolution of connectivity problems, assisting users, and debugging problems.

• 24x7 on-call support that includes triage participation and vendor problem management.

• Provide a broad range of technical skills in support of all WebSphere customers.

• Knowledge of and experience with server management concepts and software such as Patchlink, IBM Support Assistant, IBM Tivoli Performance Viewer, HTML, J2EE, SSL, Load Balancing, Session Replication, Content Switching, JVM Tuning, etc.

• Hands-on Technical experience in support of additional software tools such as WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Application Server with Connection Factories and Message-Driven Bean activation specifications, and WebSphere Portal.

• Training and/or experience with scripting tools such as Bash, Korn, and Jython.

• Familiarity with change management in a complex hosting environment.

Posted On: Wednesday, June 9, 2021

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