Credit Analyst/ Banking

SVI Recruiting Group - Duncan, SC


Provide credit and underwriting functions ensuring adherence with legal, regulatory, and bank policy and procedures, drive balanced and profitable growth, maintain asset quality, working within the credit philosophy of the Bank.


  • Underwrite, collect annual financials, reviews and work on loan renewals.
  • Use financial statements to create cash-flow, ratio, and trend analyses for proposedand current business loans.
  • Work directly with commercial lenders in order to produce accurate and reliable spreads to be used in the loan approval process.
  • Give feedback on loan analysis when required.
  • Perform annual reviews on commercial loans as specified in bank policy.
  • Create monthly reports used by the board of directors to make decisions on larger commercial loans and to monitor the condition of the bank's loan portfolio.
  • Create and maintained weekly reports used by commercial lenders.


• Minimum years in the commercial / credit/lending field.

• College degree

• Analytical and problem-solving skills.

• Ability to multitask and work toon deadlines.


Posted On: Friday, August 17, 2018

Position Contact
David Singer
Strategic Partner/Consultant / Recruiter
(919) 247-1166

David Singer
Strategic Partner/Consultant
Office: 919-847-8174

cell/text: 919-247-1166

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