Data Scientist: Computational Chemistry

Terray Therapeutics - Pasadena, CA

Company Overview: Terray Therapeutics is a venture backed biotechnology company utilizing a novel spatially encoded screening and optimization platform to develop treatments for historically intractable causes of human disease. The Company's platform technology has the industry’s highest throughput capacity, broadest target applicability and most comprehensive data output.Our internal development programs are focused on oncology and immunology. In addition to these programs we also work with leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our platform is based on fluorescent imaging of ultra-dense microarrays such that we can measure billions of target/molecule interactions in a day, generating hundreds of millions of dose-response binding curves.

Position Summary: We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with experience in computational chemistry to join the team and apply cutting-edge computational approaches to enhance our ability to identify the most promising drug candidates from our proprietary database of binding between targets and billions of compounds.

Responsibilities: The candidate will lead our implementation of best in class, structure-based data analysis to use these binding curves in order to rank molecules for follow-up. This will include classifying molecules into chemotype families, ranking for affinity and selectivity, as well as likelihood of optimization, and using docking or other techniques to evaluate the potential binding modes. The candidate will also work with the larger data team on predictive medicinal chemistry and library optimization. 

Experience and Qualifications:

Required Qualifications:

  • PhD in computational chemistry, organic chemistry, or physical chemistry preferably with postdoctoral experience
  • Experience in structure-based drug design
  • Additional experience in at least two of the following molecular modeling areas: virtual ligand screening, computationally-driven lead optimization, ligand-based drug design, molecular dynamics, homology modeling, quantum mechanics, cheminformatics, or ADMET/QSPR
  • Scripting and programming expertise in languages such as Python.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and job functions
  • Passion for making a difference in the world


    Preferred Experience/Skills:

  • Experience with HTS data sets
  • Exposure to one or more other disciplines of relevance to drug discovery, such as synthetic organic chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, formulation, biochemistry, physical chemistry or analytical chemistry
  • Experience with programming and/or scripting languages and/or chemically aware databases
  • Experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry

Given the company’s size, anticipated growth and fast-paced environment, the organization requires a Head of Data Science who is thoughtful, high energy and can partner with the broader organization to further enhance our next generation drug discovery capabilities.

She/he will exhibit the ability to work well under pressure to provide results in a short timeframe. The company is looking for a highly responsive, goal-oriented individual who will bring significant energy and drive to solve complex technical problems and help us achieve our mission to advance human health.

Part of Terray Therapeutics’ success is nurtured by a hands-on work environment where everyone is accountable, everyone is vested in a vision of excellence, and everyone actively takes part in the success of the business. Terray Therapeutics supports a positive work environment comprised of engaged employees who feel appreciated, recognized and free to be creative.

Posted On: Thursday, September 26, 2019

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