General Manager

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General Manager

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Summary: As a General Manager, this role is the primary integrator for the organization, listening closely to the President’s vision and mapping out a plan to achieve it. The GM brings creative roadmaps to the President, including detailed plans for achieving the annual and long-term plans. The GM is responsible for the output of the all the people on their team. This will require creating, maintaining, and improving the systems and processes the team uses, as well as gaining the type of buy-in that animates them at peak performance. This role is responsible for all business operations including sales and marketing. Determine and delegate to staff; which consists of administrative, operational, administration and field employees. To receive regular reports from staff and project updates from field personnel

This role will be responsible for decisions that have a lasting effect on the organization, from 6-18months or longer. Timeliness, Critical-thinking and “weighing-the-options” will be required. Often, this role will need to choose direction, even when information is incomplete or partial/biased.  

Managing conflict and “drama”, Translating vision into attainable, tangible goals. Prioritizing competing projects. Resolving customer disputes. How to sequence tasks appropriately, overcoming obstacles to work such as weather, anticipating variables to completion- looking and planning ahead. Reviewing the work of others to ensure Quality= Accurate, Complete, Ontime, Properly assigning tasks to capable team members

 Summary of common tasks and activities associated with this role:

  • Ensures the company is following its’ mission and vision
  • Responsible for overall customer satisfaction levels
  • Monitor progress against annual goals established in conjunction with the President
  • Develop and monitor Annual Budget
  • Create Annual sales goals and monitor status to goals, monthly
  • Assuring company has adequate resources to meet its objectives
  • Ensures the integrity of the company’s bookkeeping and financial reporting systems
  • Review financial information on weekly and monthly basis and adjusts activities accordingly
  • Approve and make capital expenditures
  • Determining and hiring the personnel to accomplish the company’s objectives.
  • Manages training program for new hires and existing staff, to promote a culture of advancement
  • Established best practices in the field to establish production efficiencies

Required Skills:

  • Urgency, Task management, prioritizing
  • Planning and sequencing
  • Delegating, directing, prioritizing
  • Communication, visioning
  • Workflow and Process Documentation
  • Personal Organization, Time and Task management
  • Giving feedback-praise and re-direction
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching style with direct reports- “S3 Leadership”
  • Team building, conflict resolution

Posted On: Monday, July 25, 2022
Compensation: 75000

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