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The SMASH Co - Saint Louis, MO, United States

You and I know that most ads on job boards are terrible.

They say the same things and are ambiguous about the position, what’s required, how you get paid, and what happens when you do an amazing job.

So, let me do you a favor and spell out what we are looking for and tell you what’s in it for you.

We are looking for a person who has a track record of ELITE performance as a sales leader/manager.

The specific field is irrelevant because we know we can quickly train you, if you are the right person.

What is relevant? That you have a PROVEN track record of performing at a VERY high level in your own personal sales while leading a team of incredible people toward hitting their personal sales goals/targets.

Talk is cheap to us. The person we are looking for is a humble dominator. They are someone that can put up HUGE numbers and be proud of their work without feeling they need to brag or boast about it.


Multiple six-figure compensation plan. This includes a generous base and a simple (but lucrative) commission structure.

Freedom of schedule. We do not believe in “babysitting” adults. We want you to set your own schedule and put in the work it takes to win. You decide what that looks like.

Room for growth. There is NO ceiling for income here and there is NO ceiling for growth. You can advance as quickly as you like and you can make as much money as you like.


Results. Do the action that is required and necessary. That means every single day you will be focused on doing what is necessary to make sure both you and your team are succeeding.

Lead. Demonstrate through your work, effort, and mentorship to your team what it takes to win and what it takes to be GREAT at what you do. In order for great people to follow a great leader, they must see a leader who is leading themselves REALLY well. Consistent leadership of self as well as consistent leading of other (through actions) is essential.


Please send a cover letter that states why you are a fit for this position. Resumes are great, but I want to know what makes you a fit and why you believe you can run a team of incredible sales people. Please send to:

Who are we?

Welcome to the SMASH Co, a powerful firm that takes companies from “chaotic” to “controlled,” and then scales them to great new heights. Critically selected through a three-part aptitude and cognitive based interview process, each kickass member of our staff is chosen primarily at the culture-fit level.

What does that mean? We are a tight knit, high performing, like minded team. We complete our goals correctly and quickly, we grow ourselves and each other personally and professionally, and we do all of this without a single reservation standing in our way.

Our culture is built around ten core values: Own Your Sh!t, Track Everything, Lead With Solutions (Not Problems), Give First, Be Open Minded (At All Times), Over Deliver, Add Value To All Things, Stick To The Basics, Keep Your Word, and Run The Play.

Posted On: Monday, April 26, 2021

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