Outside Sales Rep

SMASH (Major League Roofing) - Charlotte, NC

What would it feel like to come and go as you please? What would it feel like to work the hours YOU pick? Maybe you love the outdoors and you want to spend more time there? Maybe you want to make AMAZING money, but you don’t want to have to work a “job” that you hate to make it?


And we are looking for more people that think like we do who want to join our outstanding sales team!

FEEL LIKE YOU MAY BE A GOOD FIT?? Then keep reading!!

Company culture is everything to us. We don’t just hire anyone and we know this is NOT a fit for everyone. That is why we are up front and honest about what this is going to entail and the rewards that come with it.

Three things you want to be aware of going forward…

This is an outside sales position. That means if you are an introvert, this is probably not your calling, and that’s okay. We still love you.

This is for a roofing company. Let’s be honest; there is nothing “sexy” about selling roofs. What makes this opportunity awesome?? We sell a VERY unique experience and process and THAT is what your focus will be.

We are going to train you on exactly HOW to make the money you desire. When we say “train,” we literally mean handing you a road map. However, the map is just a great tool. You have to do the work prescribed.

Still reading?

GREAT, let’s talk about a few more details…

Here are some things we need from you:

We are looking for people who love people and love team environments
We are looking for people who are not afraid to get on roofs
We are looking for people who are self-motivated and full of energy
We are looking for people who are relationship builders
We are looking for people who speak really well and can type well, too
We are looking for people who are resourceful
We are looking for people who love selling
Here are a few things we DO NOT want:

We do not want the opposite of any of the above. Pretty clear, right!
Let’s talk pay and reward…

Here is what we offer:

100% negotiable compensation plan based on your history and your work ethic
Zero cap earning potential; your work ethic = your pay
You control your own hours; we aren’t interested in following you
Weekly bonus and incentive competitions because we love competition
Quarterly bonuses centered around performance of both you and the team
Ready to apply? This is what we need….

Send us a resume and some people we can contact that will back up your story
Be up front and tell us what you “WANT” to make
Be prepared for us to call you and walk you through the next steps
We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Posted On: Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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