Sales Manager

Georgia Roof Advisors, LLC - Marietta, GA

Position Title: Sales Manager


The Sales Manager is in charge of seeking out the most talented sales personnel to join the company. The SM is responsible for training in the classroom and in the field, all new hires. The SM also pre screens and initially interviews each prospective sales staff candidate. The SM has a specific set of qualities and attributes that are used to find the best fit for our team. The SM also monitors performance of each sales team member after the standard training period, coaches and team leads and will do continuing training as needed for performance improvement.

Activity Required:

- Connect with hundreds of people per week through Linkedin, facebook, job boards, industry blogs, and in the field

- Have live ads for sales reps and canvassers posted on all relevant job boards ? Reach out and connect with potential recruits

- Attend career fairs as needed

- Review DISC assessments as they are received

- Review Sales Key behavioral assessments as received

- Set up face to face interviews

- Conduct face to face interviews

- Set up final candidate reviews

- Conduct classroom and field training for sales reps and canvassers

- Develop and maintain training schedule for each training class

- Schedule continuing education classes, webinars, and/or seminars for sales staff. ? Monitor daily activity

- Monitor sales reports

- Assist sales reps with contingencies and contracts

- Coach and mentor sales team

- Monitor performance by assuring all sales team are hitting required targets and numbers ? Gradually raise the minimum requirements over time to achieve our standards by leveling up the sales force.

- Help maintain and improve the company culture

- Be part of the management team and input to strategy and problem-solving sessions

Result Required:

- Ensure that sales reps are hitting minimums sales requirements (by month) ? Ensure that sales team is hitting monthly sales targets

- Ensure the sales team are following up on their leads

- Increase closing ratios of current and future sales staff through training ? Ensure the sales team are keeping the office / CRM updated so we can be informed as to what is happening.

- Improve company profitability margins through better targeting and improving perceived value

- Drive lead volume through building brand awareness

Reporting Required:

1. Weekly Activity Report(s) (Measure of Activity)

2. Sales Report (Measure of Result)

3. Contingency Report (Measure of Activity and Result)

Core values:

Details matter

o We represent quality from the detail we provide

o We are not a group of people who leave a path of destruction behind us by not paying attention to specifics

o We need referrals to grow the business

o In order to do this we need to be above our competition by setting standards and exceeding expectations the same time avoiding upsetting customers and incurring unexpected costs

Communication and delivery of commitments

o Sets us apart by providing a wow factor and stops assumptions from being made o We are not a group that disappoints our customers by failing to meeting set expectations

o Communication is the key to our success

Strive for excellence

o To always be the trusted advisor who is knowledgeable and delivers

o We take great pride in our work

o Our drive is to increase productivity, teamwork and quality of service

o We are not satisfied with ok

Bring solutions to challenges

o We bring solutions to challenges to develop learn and grow future leaders o We are not people who come unprepared

o We are confident in our role to increase creativity and promote teamwork.

Be positive

o Positivity is contagious and boosts the happiness, productivity, and creativity of those around us.

o Positive doesn't mean being happy or agreeing all the time.

o What we need people to do is bring energy and enthusiasm to their work. It means being supportive of others, being supportive of the processes we use, of the clients we work with, and of the company.



Posted On: Friday, May 6, 2022
Compensation: $50,000-$100,000

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