Production Manager

Absolute Assurance Restoration - Mansfield, OH

HEY! The SMASH Co. is hiring an experienced Production Manager on behalf of an AMAZING company, Absolute Assurance Restoration!

Job Description: Roofing Production Manager

Role: The primary duties of the Production Manager are to handle all aspects of the project from sale to project completion. They ensure the company process and services are followed. They service the client throughout the construction process. Production manager will delegate tasks as needed to assistant production managers. Go over turned in contracts to ensure proper scope was written. Order and obtain materials for projects.


  • Monitor all phases of construction and know how to perform the jobs of every area in the production department
  • Develop, implement, and monitor reports that track the progress of every job in production
  • Work with suppliers to ensure that all pricing is the best that it can be
  • Work with in house crews sub-contractors to make sure all pricing is the best it can be
  • Review all contracts received and review forecasted profitability
  • Creates all material orders and work order by job
  • Schedule all material deliveries
  • Schedule all installations
  • Coordinate delivery of any additional job site services needed such as dumpsters, sanitation and lift equipment as needed
  • Track and resolve all production related issues and warranty calls (on commercial projects)
  • Track the overall time frames of each location making sure that all jobs are being produced on time and within budget
  • Correct any breakdowns in the construction department as they arise
  • Ensure that quality is always being maintained

Posted On: Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Compensation: 70000 - 75000

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