Facility Optimization Engineer

Wasmer Engineering - Milwaukee, WI

Position Summary:

The Wasmer Facility Optimization Engineer is a services-focused, problem-solving professional who works with a wide variety of large manufacturing and commercial companies by leading decision makers to implement process and/or equipment improvements resulting in increased resource efficiency. The position focuses on optimizing facilities to enhance human productivity and safety, reduce waste and planetary resources, reduce operational cost, and increase throughout. Facility Optimization Engineers take clients from design to implementation of comprehensive solutions, unique to each client’s needs. Collaboration is key as our engineers are a part of a team-based solution process.

 What Makes this a Great Opportunity:

• Join and impact a growing company in a growth market

• Work for a company regarded as an industry expert

• Competitive compensation and incentives

• Collaborate with an expert team to open doors and creatively problem-solve

• Flex your innovation muscle and see its real-world impact

• Implement services and products that enhance human productivity and safety, and reduce operational cost

• Training specific to the industry

• Utilize your educator skills to inform clients and share positively impactful solutions

• Opportunity to work with global clients in complex workspaces

• Focus on ESG-based solutions

• Assist clients in engaging third-party financial resources

Essential Responsibilities:

• Proactively and deliberately follow the client-centric business development process, including discovery of each client’s unique circumstances, corporate goals and objectives and deliver an appropriate proposal.

• Apply the knowledge gained from each client to facilitate productive follow through so that customized and exceptional client service is provided

• Identify new business opportunities through regular and proactive communication with new and existing clients

• Respond to client needs and requests in a timely manner.

• Conduct detailed facility surveys identifying additional opportunities and collect useful information to enable an accurate proposal/project design. 

• Coordinate and complete technology demonstrations to showcase new products or solutions that meet client’s challenges. 

• Collaborate with peers across the company to ensure that all client requests and needs are addressed fully and accurately.

• Work closely with the Project Management Team so that the most accurate and applicable information is shared with each client.

• Assure exceptional project outcomes are achieved

• Resolve client grievances systematically, starting independently and escalating (involving management) when required, so that the client is satisfied to the best of the company’s ability.

• Establish and maintain relationships with third-party influencers in the industry such as: manufacturers, incentives management entities, trade alliances, etc., to continually educate oneself and to keep current with product/industry knowledge.

• Maintain up-to-date information in company’s CRM platform

• Assist with other duties as requested so that all operations run smoothly.

Travel Responsibilities:

• Requires ongoing regional travel

Success Criteria:

Your success will be measured based by your impact on the company’s profitability, and include:

• Identifying facility optimization solutions that contribute to human and product safety, human productivity, efficient operations, and a reduction of planetary resources

• Identifying additional optimization opportunities with current clients

• Achieving project-specific KPIs

• Meeting and exceeding other metrics and business development goals

• Accurately assessing and identifying client’s business objectives and needs

• Effectively gathering comprehensive site analyses; communicating and presenting concepts to internal and external

• Ensuring that the final proposal meets the client’s needs and objectives and meets/exceeds approved sales margins 

Basic Qualifications:

• Client-facing work experience, preferably in related energy industries or manufacturing

• Microsoft Office Proficiency (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), as well as facility optimization solutions software –

e.g. Energy Star® Portfolio Manager, HOBOware, Wonderware/AVEVA, etc.

• Ability to travel to client locations, including holding a valid driver’s license

Desired Experience and Traits:

• Experience with energy and other resource-efficient measures, philosophies, products, assessment, or improvements

• Experience with LED lighting, VFDs (variable frequency drives), compressed air and HVAC systems, and other capital equipment used in operational and facility settings

• Knowledge of and experience in Lean manufacturing and process improvement

• Organizational skills and enthusiasm for effectively managing multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.

• Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationship with peers and clients

• A client-centric, self-starter who is motivated by solving complex facility engineering problems

Educational Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering

• CEM (Certified Energy Manager) and/or PMP (Project Management Professional) ideal



• Medical Insurance

• Dental Insurance

• Vision Insurance

• Short Term Disability

• 401(k)

Posted On: Friday, May 6, 2022
Compensation: 65,000-100,000

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