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Noble Public Adjusting Group - Orlando, FL

The SMASH Co. is hiring a Public Adjusting Sales Representative on behalf of an AMAZING company, Noble Public Adjusting Group!

I bet all the ads you have looked at so far are the exact same…

“Come work here because of our 6 figure earning potential”


“Come work here because you can write your own check”

I will also bet that you are looking for a new opportunity because something about where you are currently working SUCKS!!

And, you are fed up!!

But, reading through all these ads that are basically the same thing has you wondering…

“Maybe I should just stick this out even though the owner is a turd and the culture sucks.”

Well, let me change your mind.

There is no reason for you to stay somewhere you hate.

This is your life. You need to be somewhere that the culture will support you in who you want to become and some of the goals you want to hit.

We both know you can sell, right? We both know you are willing to do what is necessary to make a lot of money, right?

You just need to “partner up” with the company that actually understands that and will

appreciate you for all you do, and who won’t just work you like some kind of “pack mule.”

I get it. And, if you are still reading this… you know that is true because what I am saying is making sense.

Well, here is the good news.

If you are willing to do the things below, I can pair you with an EXCEPTIONAL company that will support you and help you do HUGE things.

And, all you have to do is apply to this ad.

Sound fair?

Great, then read through these things and lets make sure this is a fit.

Basic Job Duties:

  • Perform initial inspections and prepare options

  • Assess the need/want of the property owner

  • Discuss scope of work with homeowners

  • Write contract based on the scope of work

  • Act as the liaison between insurance carriers and homeowners

  • Follow up with homeowner when job is complete to ensure satisfaction

What’s Required:

  • Insurance adjuster or public adjuster license REQUIRED

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Amazing winning attitude – our team has great energy, so no “Negative Nancy’s” here

  • Passionate about helping people - you’re selling products and services to improve someone’s home

  • Relationship builder and master connector

  • Physically able to climb a ladder and inspect roofs – most of our clients provide roofing services, so you can’t be afraid of heights

  • Love to work outside and sell in the home


  • 6+ figure earning potential with frequent bonus opportunities in the first year

  • Flexible Schedule (you make your own)

  • Extensive industry training with a full team of industry experts

  • Amazing culture with incredibly competent support team

  • No commission cap

  • PTO, paid holidays, bonuses, reimbursements, phone, laptop

#1 Sales Representative earned $500,000 in 2018

If you are a dedicated individual looking for a long term career, submit your resume.

SMASH Co is now interviewing Public Adjusters for Noble Public Adjusting Group, the best Public Adjusting Company in the world. Noble Public Adjusting Group advocates for policyholders when they have to file an Insurance claim. Taking on the entire claims process for their clients, it is their purpose to negotiate with the insurance company for a higher and more appropriate payout.

Noble Public Adjusting Group is expected to continue to grow significantly as we expand our territory. To handle the anticipated growth, we need 2 energetic, confident, and driven sales professionals to join our team and assist our homeowners who are having issues with insurance their claims.

Posted On: Friday, September 4, 2020
Compensation: 50,000-500,000

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