Outside Sales Representative

Greentek Property Solutions - Tampa, FL

Roof Consultant Job Description:

  • Attend onboarding training at the office and in the field for a period of 1-3 weeks (depending on industry experience, product knowledge, and information retention). A weekly stipend will be provided during the training period. Weekly stipend may be extended due to situational variables.
  • Attend regularly scheduled sales meetings at the office 3 times a week.
  • Explain roofing products, manufacturers, build types, and the pros/cons of each to prospective clients.
  • Self-generate leads by traveling to pre-qualified neighborhoods (storm affected areas/roof age), knocking on doors, and speaking to homeowners. Create lead files in the CRM system.
  • Attend appointments scheduled in the CRM system for company generated leads.
  • Inspect roofs for storm damage or other deficiencies. Take pictures of the roof and around the perimeter of the home. Document all requirements on the pre-certification form, upload pictures to lead files, and present a roof assessment to homeowners to discuss further options.
    • Get insurance restoration paperwork signed and assist in providing information to homeowner(s) while a claim is called in or perform a retail sales presentation with the goal of getting a signed quote.
  • Notate all lead and client files on the CRM system for every appointment with clients and prospective clients. Notate files of all relevant communication with clients and prospective clients. Upload all documents and pictures throughout sales and claim processes.
  • Turn in all uploaded paperwork to the office.
  • Have an open channel of communication with co-workers at Greentek, clients, and prospective clients. Answering phone calls, emails, and messages in a timely manner is a requirement.
  • Attend adjuster appointments for your client’s claims. Advise adjuster of damaged areas. Walk the interior of the home if applicable, documenting and sketching affected room(s). Walk the exterior of the property with the adjuster, documenting any damaged areas. 
  • Attend installation paperwork appointments for insurance claim files. Fill out necessary contractual paperwork, notices, and affidavits. Explain job process, expectations, and terms and conditions. Assist homeowner(s) in picking up material. Decipher and explain insurance estimates to homeowner(s).
  • Collect personal and insurance checks, ensure checks have necessary endorsements, and turn checks into the office.
  • Provide a unique customer experience to clients to ensure customer satisfaction and to obtain client referrals before or after job completion to grow client base.
  • Attend conventions, trade shows, job fairs, and/or any other industry event that Greentek is participating in that requires their specific attendance.

Posted On: Friday, September 10, 2021

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