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SMASH (Onpoint Roofing) - Houston, TX

OnPoint Roofing is seeking an outside sales professional with desire to move into sales management and leadership role. The advancement path moves you from canvassing sales rep to Project Managing Sales Representative within 6 WEEKS! This is a fast-paced opportunity for those looking for rapid advancement and uncapped earning potential! 


No industry experience required. f you have the drive and the personality to excel, we will do the rest! 


You must have a reliable vehicle, be physically able to walk for extended periods of time in the heat, and have great organization and communication skills. You must be able to maintain a positive attitude when faced with rejection. The ability to reflect on what has worked, and what needs to be tweaked is essential. You must be able to adapt to different situations seamlessly.

*Climbing roofs for inspections is required* 

Position Responsibilities:

1. Knock every door in an assigned territory prospecting for potential leads . 

2. Track the doors knocked and results at the door through Sales Rabbit.

3. Overcome objections, build rapport, educate the homeowner and get the prospect interested in the assessment to be provided.

4. Get the prospect's information and fill out the lead sheet completely.

 5. Turn in the lead sheet at the end of each day by 7pm to the general manager.

 Other Responsibilities:

 1. Work independently and in group settings to achieve goals

 2. Continuous communication with the general manager and office manager.

 3. Continued self education through fellow team members, on-line sources, and company provided platforms.

 Accountability Tracking:

 1. Maintain consistent schedule of T-Fr 3-Dark, and Sat 10-2

 2. Generate minimum 10 leads per week (to which you make a minimum of $1000/week from leads alone!)

 3. Knock minimum 300 doors per week during peak hours

 4. Attend training at the office and meetings when scheduled

 5. Maintain DAILY communication with the general manager


 *Weekly pay!*

Canvassers will be paid each Monday, $100 for each appointment that is made and inspected by a salesman. Lead sheets must be submitted to the office in order to be considered.

Once transitioned into Project Managing Sales, you will receive an addition al $250/day PLUS earned commissions. Add $100 extra if a job runs into day 2

Project Management Duties Include:

1. Get the schedule and material list from the office manager

2. Arrive by sunrise to count materials, check for accuracy, and make sure crews are setting up protection via tarps and plywood including covering a pool if applicable. Go over details with the crew listed in the "crew notes" section.

3. Pick up any extra materials that the crews may need.

4. Make sure that the project is being installed up to Onpoint Standards

5. Communicate any issues to the homeowner, office and salesman.

6. Take photos for supplement for anything the salesman requests on the order sheet

7. Walk the completed job with the crew leader and the homeowner to get the 0A form filled out and signed off on.

8. Make note of any leftover material and or extra material needed on the crew checklist.

 9. Return leftover material to the supplier and make sure it's credited to the appropriate job

 10. Collect the deductible and ACV check from homeowner.

 11. Turn in 0A sheets and payments to the office promptly.


About OnPoint:

At Onpoint Roofing, we are committed to only the highest quality materials and services. It is our mission to provide you with a product that you can not only be proud of, but can also rely on for decades to come. Your family should be able to trust the integrity and strength of your roof when you are spending the majority of your life under it.

We use all of the industry’s best processes and even go further than other roof installation companies by hand-nailing everything. Hand nailing is a little more time consuming, but it is far more effective and reliable than using power tools. You’ll get a higher quality finished product when we’re done working on your roof. We use the highest quality materials and follow the leading industry standards for roofing installation, and we’ll give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Posted On: Friday, May 6, 2022

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