Sales Manager

A-List Builders - Los Angeles, CA

The primary responsibility of the Sales Director is to oversee and drive all the Sales activity of the company. They set objectives, monitor progress and report results to ensure company growth. The sales director establishes and refines Sales Training, implements training, mentors and develops sales representatives and assists in sales activities. He or she must lead by example and be committed to performing the same tasks as the team. Sales Director oversees and monitors the quantity and type of prospecting/marketing activities that the sales representatives complete on a daily and weekly basis and makes adjustments to the activity to improve any lagging results and hold the sales department accountable for the

Company established production numbers.

Activity Required

  • Generate sales by doing the same activity as the sales reps
  • Prospecting by completing the same prospecting activity as the sales reps
  • Assist in training reps in the office and in the field
  • Mentor sales reps
  • Monitor daily activity reports
  • Monitor sales reports
  • Monitor prospect reports
  • Monitor NRA reports
  • Assist sales reps with contingencies and contracts
  • Know how to properly measure and bid any type of project
  • Know how to price any type of project
  • Perform the same field marketing/prospecting activities as the sales reps in order to open up areas for new sales reps

Results Required

  • Ensure that sales reps are meeting minimum requirements for contingencies (weekly and monthly)
  • Ensure that sales reps are hitting minimums sales requirements (by month)
  • Ensure that sales team is hitting monthly sales targets set forth by upper management
  • Maintain company profitability margins
  • Maintain a staff of no less than 6 reps under you

Reporting Required

  1. Weekly NRA report (Planning of Activity)
  2. Prospect Report (Measure of Activity)
  3. Daily Activity Report(s) (Measure of Activity)
  4. Sales Report (Measure of Result)
  5. Contingency Report (Measure of Activity and Result)

Posted On: Monday, April 12, 2021
Compensation: 150000 - 300000

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