Quality Control Technician

RS Roofing - Fort Worth, TX

Position Title: Quality Control Technician

Reports to: Production Manager

Expectations –

The Quality Control Technician / Field Supervisor monitors and evaluates the workmanship on each project completed by RS ROOFING. The QC Manager/Field Supervisor will spot check projects during installs and ensure that the crews are following the installation specification set forth by the management. The QC Manager/Field Supervisor will perform all final quality control checks of every project once they are completed.

Activity Required

  • Confirms that crews are at the appropriate jobsites daily.

  • Confirm with crews at the end of the day what is completed vs. what will continue.

  • Perform all planned and random inspections of jobs in production on a daily basis.

  • Be responsible for documenting all on site visits.

  • Enforce all company and manufacturer installation specifications.

  • Assure to the best of your ability that all materials workmanship and construction are in full compliance with the contract plans and building codes.

  • Meet building department inspectors when needed

  • Pick up additional needed material and deliver to job-site.

  • Return left over materials to supplier after jobs are completed.

  • Conduct final QC inspection within 24 hours after completion of job.

  • Complete minor repairs or adjustments needed to complete job.

  • Report major installation errors to the Production Manager to dispatch crews to make adjustments.

  • Go on warranty service calls as scheduled by Production Manager.

  • Diagnose leaks as needed.

  • Participate in all subcontractor and production department meetings.

  • Take in progress photos

  • Take after photos of all installs

  • Complete Minor Trade Work and Repairs

Result Required

  • QC inspections to be performed within 24 hours of completion.

  • Log results of QC inspection to CRM at site.

  • Address any warranty callbacks within 24-72 hours.

Reporting Required

  1. Daily activity log per job


Hourly Rate $20.00 / HOUR

Personal Vehicle (when approved by RS ROOFING) .35 / Mile (After 50 Miles)

Posted On: Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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