Outside Sales Representative

Craftwood Cabinetry - Sioux Falls, SD


Expectations –
The primary duties the Sales Representatives are to sell, service and collect. They sell the company process and services, service the client throughout the entire process, and collect final payment upon completion. Sales Representatives will run company generated leads and generate leads of their own through our proven field marketing techniques. They perform all measuring and do cabinet renderings through our ProKitchen Software. Sales Representatives are the client’s primary customer contact throughout the duration of their project. 

This role is specifically designed to transition into Sales Manager in 2022

Activity - 

  • Run company provided appointments on time, call client immediately upon knowing that your

    running behind

  • Generate sales by completing prospecting and marketing activities set forth by management

  • Prep and mail targeted letters

  • Disbursing door hangers prior and after mailers

  • Knock doors in areas where marketing materials have been disbursed

  • Canvass Neighbors of your existing clients

  • Connecting with people

  • Build relationships with homeowners

  • Ask for referrals

  • Run company generated lead appointments On Time that are set for them

  • Do ProKitchen Software For Estimate, Layout, and 3D Renderings

  • Prepare the Estimates

  • Regular follow up with clients

  • Meet with homeowner to pick out, confirm color and styles and sign final contracts

  • Know how to properly measure and plot out any type of project, especially cabinet layouts.

  • Know how to get pricing on any type of project

  • Labor costs must be approved before sale

  • Keep in contact with subcontractors- ie: Countertops, Tile, Flooring, and Installation contractors

    Results Required- 

    • 16-20 Appointments per month

    • 4 Self-generated appointments per month

    • 8-10 Sales per month

    • $50-$75K per month

    • Maintain company profitability margins by selling within proper mark-up parameters


  • Draw upon request from the Contractor. The company agrees to pay an advance on commission or “pre-commission” to the Contractor with the receipt of a cashable down-payment, not with financing (As the financing pays us upon completion). The Contractor shall receive 25% of the total Cabinet portion of theirsale. Pre-commissions are issued upon receipt of the first check only. 

Final Commission Compensation

  •  For Cabinets: In consideration for the services to be performed by Contractor, Company agrees to pay Contractor the sum of 10% of the sale when cabinet materials are sold at 40%, 8% of the sale when cabinet materials are sold at 45%, and 6% of the sale when cabinet materials are sold at 50% below Manufacture’s List Price. Each job will need to be fully completed, billed and collected.
  • For Installation and/or Add-ons: Company agrees to pay Contractor the sum of 50% the net profit when fully collected for each job that is completed, billed and collected. The net profit shall be calculated by subtracting from the collected amount(s) all permit expenses, all fees paid and or incurred, all labor costs, all material costs and a 10% overhead fee. If the job has a gross profit of more than 50%, no overhead fee will be charged to the job. Installation commission will be figured out when job is completed and paid.

Performance Incentives and Rewards:

The Craftwood Cabinetry sales team has several contest and reward programs that are performance

based. Programs are put into place on a weekly and monthly basis. Here at Craftwood Cabinetry, all of

us are very goal oriented, so prizes and incentive programs are also put into place for achieving set goals

Current Sales Staff Incentive Bonus Program

Monthly Bonuses

• 1% of total revenue as long as the individual’s sales are above $75,000

Yearly Bonuses

Revenue Prize

• $ 750,000 Eligibility for the Company”s “Get out of the Cold - Goal Trip” – Somewhere

Warm in January

• $1,000,000 Same Company trip with Guest and 10K Bonus

• $2,000,000 Same Company trip with Guest and 30K Bonus




Posted On: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

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