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We are The SMASH Co. A powerful consulting firm that takes companies from “chaotic” to “controlled,” and then scales them to all new heights. Our recruiting division has over 10 years of experience successfully hiring for startups and helping other businesses through recruitment consulting.


The Recruiter is in charge of interviewing, and qualifying candidates for submittal to Recruiting Account Manager. The recruiter has to be an experienced interviewer who has confidence that all submittals are of hiring quality. The recruiter also needs to have experience handling high-volume accounts, and great communication skills while dealing with candidates in a professional and effective manner.


  • Confirm that interviews are scheduled daily and update candidate records in ATS

  • Review received assessments daily, attaching to candidate record in ATS

  • Follow SMASH protocol for reviewing assessments to ensure that viable candidates meet minimum scores for the intended position.

  • Conduct thorough interviews and generate excitement about the opportunity to prospective candidates.

  • Follow up with candidates that need to complete the assessment.

  • Draft candidate submittals and send to the account manager

  • Always connect with people per each week through linkedin, facebook, job boards, industry blogs and social media groups, that have relevant experience to the account that you are working on.

  • Utilize all methods of communication to ensure that interviews are taking place (confirmation or rescheduling) . Phone calls, emails, texts

  • Document feedback to bring to weekly recruiting meetings


Result Required

  • 85 Interview Scheduled per week

  • 60 Interviews per week

  • 10 Submittals a week

Reporting Required

  1. Daily recruiting activity report

  2. ATS statuses 100% up to date

Posted On: Monday, October 11, 2021

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