Regional Sales Representative

KPOST Roofing & Waterproofing - Dallas, TX

General Job Description:

The KPost Roofing Sales Representative will act as a representative for the company in a fashion that is based on our culture, purpose and core values of making every interaction an “Experience”. He/she will prospect, market, run appointments, give presentations, obtain clients, and manage the client’s jobs throughout the process of doing repairs to the property of those clients.

Our Core Values:

Reliable, Integrity, Whatever it Takes, and Professional

Mission Statement:

A Team with integrity doing whatever it takes to provide our Customers with reliable products and service.

Training Period:

? The first 30 days are considered your training period during which you will be provided with an initial 2-4 days of training in the office and ongoing field training with one of our current Sales Representatives or Managers.

? You will be provided with the KPost Roofing Sales Training Manual to familiarize yourself with our sales process.

? You will ride along with members of our current sales team and production department to learn our field processes.

? During the first 60 days quota is not enforced but it is encouraged.

? Days 61-90 Quota must be met to avoid probation.

Job Requirements:

? Must be neat and clean in KPost Roofing uniform at all times when representing KPost Roofing.

? Must be professional and in line with the KPost Roofing company culture when working with KPost Roofing clients and staff.

? Willingness to generate leads daily by educating prospective clients in the field.

? Must be on time for appointments with Customers and Team meetings.

? Must communicate clearly and timely with KPost Roofing Sales Team and KPost Roofing office personnel.

? Must be able to climb a ladder and inspect a roof.

? Must be able to use Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Sales Rabbit, SumoQuote, and Acculynx.

? Must continue to educate yourself in our industry regarding sales techniques, application processes, product knowledge and all other areas pertaining to your job.

? Must have a customer focus and adaptability to different personality types.

? Strong phone and verbal communication skills along with active listening.

? Ability to multi-task, set priorities and manage time effectively.

? Ability to explain and collect supplements in a timely manner.

? Ensure job profitability through scope identification, construction knowledge, and expectation setting.

Job Expectations:

? Create a minimum of 20 NEW face to face contacts per week

? Make a minimum of 300 Canvassing Calls per week (60 Doors a day, 5 days a week)

? Generate at minimum 10 New Leads per week

? Run a minimum of 10 Appointments per week

? Perform a minimum of 8 Inspections per week

? Create a minimum of 6 Opportunities per week

? Give a minimum of 6 Presentations per week

? Obtain a minimum of 3 Service Agreements per week

? Schedule any necessary Adjuster Meetings weekly

? Win a minimum of 2 New Jobs per week

? Meet minimum quota of $50,000 in Revenue each month

? Attend a monthly job review with management to develop growth action plans for the following month

? Handle, manage, and negotiate customer files and calls in a timely manner.

? Identify clients/customers needs, clarify information, research every issue, and provide solutions and/or alternatives when the opportunity arises.

? Keep records of all conversations in our Acculynx in a comprehensible way.

Compensation & Benefits:

Base salary, W-2 opportunity, 25% commission, monthly and bi-annual bonuses, benefits optional

Tools, Marketing and Training Provided by KPost Roofing:

? Tools - Acculynx, Spotiot, Voxer, SumoQuote, Training Manual and Presentation, cell phone, ladder, pitch gauge, tape measure, construction clipboard.

? Training - You will be provided with in house training on the KPost Roofing processes. NTRCA educational classes, etc.

Transportation: Provide own transportation and pay for insurance and include KPost Roofing as additionally insured on auto and policy.

Equipment Provided: Ipad provided by Kpost Roofing. Phone and laptop are not provided but necessary to perform all job functions.


· You will report directly to the Sales Manager and other Officers of KPost Roofing, LLC

Posted On: Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Compensation: 30,000-40,000

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