Outside Sales Representative

Absolute Assurance Restoration - Mansfield, OH, United States

Outside Sales Representative

The primary duties the Sales Representatives are to sell, service and collect. They sell the
company process and services, service the client throughout the claim and construction process, and collect final payment upon completion. Sales Representatives will run company generated leads and generate leads of their own through our proven field marketing techniques. They perform all initial storm damage inspections and can also provide estimates for non-insurance related projects. They also meet with the client’s insurance adjuster to ensure that the insurance company agrees to repair all of the damage to the client’s home appropriately. Sales Representatives are the client’s primary customer contact throughout the duration of their project


Run company provided appointments
Generate sales by completing prospecting and marketing activities set forth by management
Canvass storm Damaged areas
Prep and mail targeted letters
Disbursing door hangers prior and after mailer
Knock doors in areas where marketing materials have been disbursed
Connecting with people
Build relationships with homeowners
Ask for referrals
Run company generated lead appointments that are set for them
Prepare Estimates
Meet with adjusters
Regular follow up with clients
Meet with homeowner to pick out colors and sign final contracts
Know how to properly measure any type of project
Know how to get pricing on any type of project

Results Required:

40-48 inspections per month
16-20 contingencies per month
8-10 approvals per month
$60-100K per month
Maintain company profitability margins by selling within proper mark-up parameters


What’s in it for you?

  • Freedom of schedule. We do not believe in “babysitting” adults. We want you to set your own schedule and put in the work it takes to win. You decide what that looks like.

  • Work from anywhere. We have an EPIC office with EPIC culture and core values. You are welcome in the office at ANY time, but you can work from home or the field, too. Again, we want you to win and win BIG and we know that atmosphere is a big part of that.

  • Room for growth. There is NO ceiling for income here and there is NO ceiling for growth. You can advance as quickly as you like and you can make as much money as you like.

  • A multiple six-figure compensation plan. This includes a salary plus commission pay structure.

Success Factors

  • Results. Do the action that is required and necessary. That means every single day you will be focused on doing what is necessary to make sure you succeed.

  • Leadership. Demonstrate through your work, effort, and mentorship to the rest of the team what it takes to win and what it takes to be GREAT at what you do.

Posted On: Monday, May 9, 2022

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