Administrative Assistant

Iconic Construction - Fenton, MO

Role Overview –-

We are looking for a highly motivated and intuitive Administrative Assistant for our fun and growing office! The Administrative Assistant must have an outgoing/bubbly personality, be organized and a great communicator. The primary duties of this role are to answer the main office line, enter in leads, organize, schedule and report to Contractor Foreman. They collect information from Estimators, Project Managers, Foremen, and Management to input into Contractor Foreman Projects. They will input project receipts (pictures and numerical info) into the financial sector of the project. They will input and organize schedules for the project based on the timeline given by the Project Manager or Estimator- adjust the schedules as the project goes on. Communicate with sub-contractors regarding delivery and scheduled workdays and update PMs/Estimators, as well as update the project schedule timeline. Input vendor and sub-contractor information into the directory. Receive estimate information from the Estimator and create the estimate to send out to the potential customer. Run reports regarding financials as needed for management. Invoice customers as requested by Management or according to timeline billing protocols per project. Answers incoming lead calls and inputs into Contractor Foreman, assigns to Sales Rep to follow-up.


Responsibilities –-

  • Answering Main office line 
  • Taking in new customer leads
  • Financial data input (pictures and numerical)
  • Project Schedule Maintenance
  • Financial/budget reporting
  • Communication with customers, PMs, Estimators, Foremen
  • Estimate and invoice creation 
  • Office upkeep


Requirements --

  • Microsoft Office experience
  • Contractor Foreman (tech savvy)
  • OneDrive familiarity
  • Typing (60WPM min.)
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong Communicator
  • Positive and outgoing personality
  • Great time management and organizational skills
  • Prior reporting experience
  • Prior data entry experience
  • Prior customer service experience
  • Industry experience not required, but preferred


Results Required --

  • Accurate budget input (99% accuracy)
  • Accurate project schedule input and updating
  • Proper communication for scheduling (i.e. update proper personnel as things change)
  • Streamline Contractor Foreman (communication and reporting)
  • Sending estimates within 48 hours of estimate date
  • Sending invoices within 24 hours of project completion


Reporting Required -- 

  • Expenses and Bills per project
  • Labor hours per project
  • Invoice recording (paid, not-paid, pending, etc.)

Posted On: Monday, November 8, 2021

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