The Smith Consulting Group

Structural Engineer

The Smith Consulting Group - Northeast Region, NY

Whether you are just finding your passion for structures or have developed strong roots in the industry, this opportunity is worth your time. Come work with a team of well-developed professionals that have networked throughout the Northeast Region to obtain a solid flow of incoming work.

Not guaranteed or limited to:

  • Work under/with senior engineers to gain experience under top-industry professionals
  • Display developed knowledge of structures through design and 3D modeling
  • Lead small project teams to accomplish project completion
  • Coordinate design, construction, budgeting, and client meetings for upper-management

This position can fill entry, mid, and senior level roles within a firm dedicated to growth of their workforce and clientele. The information above varies along with each individual role.

Posted On: Monday, December 2, 2019
Compensation: DOE

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