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We are retained by a client firm which has grown 100% organically through serving their team members and clients over their long history in the region. Regardless of the workload, they adhere to two things: that your quality of life is balanced AND your career remains on an intentional path of growth & training in the direction YOU wish. Currently we are working with this Team to find a solid new Landscape Architecture to take on the growth management as they expand their practice and studios with exciting work. 

My questions for you:

  • Do you have a 40 hour workweek?
  • Do you have a consistent training program elevated by cutting edge work?
  • Is your current company highly respected? (ranging through all client types)
  • Is your project mix one that is heavily weighted with high profile & creative projects (university work, streetscapes/hardscapes, top park & recreation areas and sustainability emphasis) molding work to your passions?
  • Is your work place “fun", working with an amazing group of professionals keeping you energized?
  • Is there continuous growth, looking forward, due to a highly respected team and reputation? 
You can name your ticket here! I would look forward to telling you more about their Team and project mix to see if this can be a great step forward for you.

Posted On: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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