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Senior Vice President Commercial Lending

Timothy Jon & Associates - Wausau, WI

Oversees the development and implementation of the long-term goals and strategies for the Commercial Lending department including growing the commercial loan and deposit portfolios and attracting new commercial accounts throughout the markets the credit union serves. Leads and directs a team of commercial lenders and commercial operations. Responsible for commercial loan growth and monitoring loan performance to ensure the safety, soundness, and continued growth of the commercial loan portfolio. Maintains compliance with all Board approved policies within his/her respective areas and for ensuring that commercial delinquency remains within an acceptable range.


Communicates and assists in achieving the credit union's mission statement, core values, and goals.

a. Contributes to the long-term continued success and growth of the credit union by assisting the Chief Risk Officer in establishing and meeting the commercial lending and commercial deposit goals and objectives.

b. Leads the effort to ensure the credit union is successful in all aspects of commercial lending/deposits.

c. Remains abreast of legislation as it pertains to commercial banking and works to remain informed on current and pending laws and regulations that have (or may have) an impact on the credit union’s ability to be a viable provider of commercial services.

Supervises and directs people and/or resources to meet department or branch goals. Motivates people, plans, and prioritizes areas of responsibility, responds to changing conditions, and manages costs effectively.

a. Demonstrates strong relationship and management skills, facilitation skills, collaborative style, and the ability to interact with members, and employees and leaders at all levels

b. Leads commercial lending staff to achieve commercial portfolio growth from current as well as new accounts, with the goal of ? of the credit union’s loan portfolio coming from commercial accounts.

c. Leads and directs VP Commercial Operations to ensure goals are achieved, work is completed timely and in compliance with the credit union’s policies and state and federal regulations.

d. Ensures Commercial team is providing exceptional service by hiring and retaining highly competent, productive employees.

Effectively applies required knowledge, skills, and education to job functions. Understands and adheres to the credit union’s policies and procedures as they apply to job functions. Updates and expands knowledge, skills, training, and/or education. Understands how individual job performance furthers credit union objectives.

a. Is familiar with various commercial lending software programs, as well as government programs that may be available to reduce the credit union’s exposure to potential loan losses.

b. Works to ensure that commercial staff is developing the entire relationship with their commercial members, including providing them with personal loan and deposits services.

c. Builds and maintains relationships with other credit unions or institutions to facilitate opportunities for the credit union to be included in loan participations when it is appropriate and within the credit union’s Board approved guidelines.

d. Seeks out opportunities to enhance and improve the operations, procedures, products and services within the Commercial Lending and Collection departments.

Makes prudent decisions that are timely, well thought out, and that reflect awareness of impact to the credit union, the member, and/or others involved.

a. Makes and ensures that staff is making sound lending decisions to serve members well, while keeping the overall well-being of credit union assets in mind.

b. Effectively deploys staff and financial resources of the credit union in a manner that best meets organizational objectives.

Performs job responsibilities independently and responsibly while keeping the best interest of the credit union and members in mind. Proactively completes tasks, solves problems, shares ideas, improves processes, enhances products, and/or extends services within assigned range of authority.

a. Strives for and leads staff to seek ways to improve services to members and staff which are consistent with the credit union’s mission, working toward strategic goals, and which make sense from cost/benefit analysis.

b. Actively seeks ways to build awareness of the credit union in the communities served and promote the financial value we provide members.

c. Attends credit union leadership, commercial, or collection training and/or conferences to remain informed of new industry trends, strategies, and opportunities, to network and stay abreast of changes within the credit union industry.

d. Takes a proactive role in developing positive relationships with businesses and community and civic organizations; participates in community events or organizations on behalf of the credit union.

e. Prepares reports for Senior Vice President Chief Risk Officer regarding portfolio analysts, pipeline, concentration trends, etc. Makes recommendation to Senior Vice President Chief Risk Officer for improving effectiveness of policies and procedures.

Encourages employee education, development, and improvement. Coaches’ employees to meet career goals. Is aware of organizational needs related to employee development.

a. Ensures personnel are trained, motivated, and have the tools to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of members and the internal departments they work with and/or support. This includes making sure staff is current on technology; utilizes training and development resources; is compliant with regulations and policies; have adequate equipment; and are provided accurate written procedures.

b. Works to ensure the credit union is a good place for people to work. This includes ensuring an equitable distribution of pay that is based on responsibility and performance; conducting timely, effective performance appraisals; working to develop staff; holding staff accountable; and holding frequent and regular staff meetings that encourage two-way communication.

c. Develops the strengths and weaknesses of direct reports so they may succeed and grow in their own roles and to ensure the credit union has future leaders who are well-prepared to take on new responsibilities.


  • Experience in sales and/or business development activities as they relate to growing commercial account relationships. Working knowledge of databases, extracting data utilizing multiple systems and generating financial reports applicable to commercial loan portfolio oversight.
  • Strong understanding of accounting concepts and how to apply them to financial statement analysis.


Posted On: Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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