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Portfolio Manager

Timothy Jon & Associates - Kaukauna, WI


Position Summary:
The Portfolio Manager is responsible for underwriting commercial credit exposures for existing and prospective customers to assess credit quality and minimize risk and potential loss. The Portfolio Manager also assists the lenders in managing their client relationships. The Portfolio Manager will inherit an existing Portfolio as well.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Work with limited oversight to underwrite commercial credits and develop the appropriate credit structure in relationship to the credit risk.

a. Analyze historical and projected financial statements and tax returns for businesses, direct borrowers, and guarantors to spread.
b. Evaluate the adequacy of loan structures and collateral positions. Determine collateral valuations, ensuring the Bank is adequately secured.
c. Identify risks related to borrower operations, considering the history of business, ownership, type of business entity, and industry/sector of the borrower.
d. Provide risk rating recommendations with input from Lenders.
e. Summarize in a credit presentation the credit risks, loan policy exceptions, proposed improvements to the loan structure, and the probability and impact of default.
f. Review loan file documentation for accuracy and compliance with approval requirements, Bank policies and procedures, as well as state and federal regulations.


2. Assist Lenders in monitoring and maintaining their portfolio relationships.

a. Prepare for and participate in client and prospect meetings, including loan closings as necessary.
b. Acting in capacity of a relationship manager, provide assistance for client or lender requests.
c. Gather and review financial statements on a timely basis.
d. Understands, detects and reports early warning signs of problem credits, minimizing the risk of credit loss to maintain appropriate risk ratings on all loans.
e. Cooperate with Lenders in ensuring that all client documentation, customer agreements are accurate, properly executed and funds are withheld until documents are properly executed.
f. Gather and review Compliance Certificates, Borrowing Base Certificates and associated receivable, payable, and inventory reports on a timely basis.
g. Monitor all covenants and follow up immediately on any covenants out of compliance.
h. May assist in the preparation of collateral evaluations consistent with Bank policy and regulation.
i. Construct system reports to evaluate data.


3. Recommend any policy or procedural change that should be reviewed to ensure regulatory or security compliance within job-related functions.


Posted On: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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