Security Infrastructure Engineer

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Security Infrastructure Engineer

Rochester, NH or Johnstown PA

 ***Candidates must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents. Our client cannot transfer/sponsor for any type of visa at this time and you must join them full-time.***

This position is responsible for working in a cross-functional capacity to ensure the cyber security and infrastructure engineering of all servers, network, cpe, critical facilities, and data.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Monitor, research, investigate and analyze security threats and trends to verify the effectiveness of protective measures
  • Identification and analysis of anomalous activity in systems logs and other event data
  • Perform periodic penetration testing and risk analysis of services, sites, and infrastructure
  • Assist with the development, periodic review, and compliance of cyber security policies, procedures and standards
  • Work in a cross functional capacity with procurement, IT, Systems and Network, MIS, Customer Service and other teams to assist with the security analysis of potential vendors and products.
  • Analysis, development, and implementation of firewall policies on Cisco ASA and Juniper SRX security appliances as well as operating system based firewalls such as IPTables.
  • Occasional night and weekend shifts are required in order to implement changes during designated change windows.
  • Documentation of network design and configuration.
  • Providing professional support to customers both internal and external.
  • Assess Technical security risks associated with environmental changes on new and existing technology
  • Establishing and promoting data security protection consistent with the organization’s risk strategy to protect the confidentiality and integrity of company information
  • Work with other functional groups to mitigate and correct network, operating system, and application layer vulnerabilities
  • Research and analyze information security trends and standards and their application to the network, server, and data infrastructure
  • Collaborate with BU Security Officer on policy compliance and management
  • Play an active role in security related change management in multiple departments
  • Assess and advise on training and awareness campaigns aimed at multiple skill tiers
  • Define and manage exception and risk management as defined by business needs
  • Oversee incident management and response, including immediate mitigation and loss assessment
  • Other duties as required.


Job Qualifications:

  • Associates degree in an Information Technology area or equivalent experience.
  • Minimum of 4-6 years of experience required as a dedicated security engineer or network/systems engineer with security responsibilities.
  • Working knowledge of Windows, Linux, JunOS and Cisco IOS 
  • Deep expertise with at least one of the above operating systems
  • Versed in hacking and exploitation techniques, including mitigation
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of firewall concepts such as state tables, connection tracking
  • Deep understanding of the TCP/IP stack
  • Understanding of various wired and wireless security technologies such as 802.1X
  • Ability to generate and interpret packet traces via Wireshark and/or tcpdump to diagnose and troubleshoot required.
  • Knowledge of IPv6 required.
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work under pressure with a diverse team.
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision.

Posted On: Saturday, August 3, 2019
Compensation: 90,000 - 100,000

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