Data Engineering Director

True Source IT, LLC - Minneapolis, MN

Looking for technical Leader with hands-on experience, to help guide a growing company to more of a Data First organization, including migration to the cloud.   Will be overseeing around 20 people.

Looking for someone with good high level knowledge of engineering orgs, but also who has the hands on tech experience in their past, so they can bring that knowledge.

Most Important Qualifications & Why:

  1. Any experience helping transform companies into more of a tech-focused company, and building roadmaps for smaller or mid-sized companies.  
  2. Already in the process of moving to Agile, and have leadership to guide that area.
  3. Need a good leader – good at coaching and developing their teams, understanding where people’s strengths and weaknesses lie and acting accordingly.
  4. Experience in ETL and data warehousing so they can improve upon their current process.
  5. Knowledge of/experience with migrating from on-premise to cloud based solution
  6. No hands-on coding in the role, but need to have the experience and tech background enough to know if code is bad, be part of code reviews, etc. 

Posted On: Monday, April 19, 2021

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