Front End Software Developer

True Source IT, LLC - Minneapolis, MN

Looking for a junior-mid level React Developer to start a team building a SaaS product


-What is the full tech stack currently?

Front end: Marionette, handlebars, Rails MVC (moving to React)

Back end: Ruby/Rails, some Node.js


-Plans to go to AWS or are you already there?

We are on AWS, using EC2, Lambda


-Would you consider someone with Angular/Vue instead of React?

Maybe. It would depend on how strong they are so they could make a transition. I don't want somebody who needs to make beginner mistakes to get good at React. Conceptually they are all similar, but in practice they are different.


-For the right candidate would 1 year of solid experience suffice?

Possibly. If they are very driven and growing quickly that would be fine. I'd rather have somebody with a solid year and lots of drive than someone with 3 years who is coasting.


-Is a degree absolutely necessary or would you consider someone without one?

Not necessary.


-What’s most important to you? What is ideal, and what are you flexible on?

Most important

* Someone who has drive and can deliver a quality front-end somewhat independently (with direction but not requiring constant interaction or help). I will coach/mentor but I can't be teaching someone to code / write tests / etc.

* Someone who can collaborate and communicate (interaction soft skill).

Posted On: Friday, September 25, 2020

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