Director of Software Engineering

True Source IT, LLC - Minneapolis, MN

Scope: Someone that is going to be able to build the software team as they see fit. Hybrid of technical, architecture, management, and product role. Someone that can grasp a strong product understanding, develop future architecture, decide where the product is going. Someone that can lead software development and play a role on leadership team…build out resources underneath them. Can be hands on if you want, would likely grow out of that in the future. Someone who can break architecture out so they can be more nimble going forward.


They are a bootstrapped software company…looking at finance options to grow software teams and pour more fuel on it…doing very well.


Most Important Qualifications & Why: 

  • Someone with entrepreneurial spirit who can wear a lot of hats
  • Fail fast and learn from it mentality. Transitioning that into production level and scale.
  • Someone who has 5-10 years of experience, knows a lot but feels stuck and doesn’t have growth / can’t make a difference. Someone with drive that wants to grow themselves and a team/division. Someone really hungry.
  • Ideally someone that culturally fits them and has the potential to do it. Someone who has worked under this role in their company and wants to do it somewhere else.
  • Doesn’t want someone with a big company mentality and is stuck in their ways
  • Understanding of web based tools, working with newer web based tech
  • Node, React, AWS, Ruby/Rails ideal but tech agnostic…someone that can help define tech stack.
  • Someone that has good understanding of integrations, APIs, react front ends that work through apis

Posted On: Thursday, January 21, 2021

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