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Senior Full Stack Developer

True Source IT, LLC - Remote, MN

Company Size: 425


Why work for this company: Opportunity to grow, working with a variety of tech. Work on interesting and challenging problems. Not a lot of repetition in the job. Flexibility, working with smart and friendly people.


Office Environment/Company Culture: Core team has been together for a while and get along really well. They are problem solvers, come together to get things working. Not a lot of blame- more about how do we get this thing fixed.


Position Title: Senior Full Stack Developer


Type: Perm


Interview Process: 30 minute phone screen with manager. 90 minute technical interview in a shared coding environment with simple SQL and .NET problems. 30 minute call with product owner for culture fit. Offer


Reason the position is open: New position



  • True full-stack work, from database through the UI
  • C# .Net, SQL Server, everything running on Azure.
  • Microservice architecture written in .Net Core…all new UI is in React.
  • Also some complex dashboards delivered on AngularJS and Highcharts…delivers people focused information to clients through these interactive dashboards
  • Communication with Microsoft Teams
  • 3 week sprints, Agile environment
  • Working on data collection surveys and moving that data with organizations to give them the ability to view what their people are saying in ways that are meaningful. Branching out to HR advisory, culture, leadership assessments, etc. Biggest client is Marriot, 400,000 people, scaling these up and is one of the biggest challenges.


Most Important Qualifications & Why:

  • 7+ years’ experience
  • People who are agile learners
  • Solid C# and relational database experience
  • React and/or Angular experience ideal but open to other JavaScript/TypeScript experience
  • Azure is a nice to have
  • Someone who likes challenges and are willing to take on lots of different kinds of problems

Posted On: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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