Research Scientist

True Source IT, LLC - St Paul, MN

Scope: wants to developer emissions under management product. Corporate America is under the gun to be more green, trying to work on a framework to measure company’s sustainability and carbon ledgering. Can identify customers to sign contracts with, can help sell them products and help drive down their ESG scores and make them more attractive to their clients.


Most Important Qualifications & Why: 

  • Needs someone who can do the research and understand what R&D looks like. Has demonstrated this before.
  • Someone who can code efficiently that can be built upon or implemented.
  • Not someone fresh out of school – someone with 3+ years experience
  • Not concerned about Python or R, more about the background of the person



People with atmospheric or climate science, sustainability, energy, or computer programming background. Doesn’t need to be a physical science. Someone with experience in energy/sustainability for sure. Need someone with some research background.


Problem Statement:

We're looking for a research scientist with experience dealing with data sets in the fields of energy, emissions, and sustainability. Our goal is to help with the identification and development of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions ledgering methods/metrics, as well as the understanding of various emissions market structures. Ideally we would be interested in a junior-to-mid-level researcher for a 3-month term.

Posted On: Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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