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Project Manager


Job Title: Project Manager


To identify and prioritize new business/product opportunities for the Product Business Lines and coordinate with the internal teams to ensure new product success.  The position reports to the VP of Product Management and has responsibility to manage all assigned projects in support of the Division’s strategy and the Product Business Line Plan(s). Will be responsible for managing multiple, diverse, simultaneous projects of varying complexities from Product Line, from inception through completion and insure assigned projects meet schedule, technical and sales/customers’ expectations of products. Product development meets the objectives and timing set forth by the customers, company and market.



  • To define project requirements and objectives to include objectives consistent with customer requirements.
  • To develop and facilitate timely planning of the project consistent within the (PAC) Product Approval Committee requirement utilizing the Stage/Gate Process methods from Gate 0 forward.
  • Coordinate and monitor all product projects to ensure work flow through all resources/dept. and identify barriers & obstacles utilizing the PAC process and Microsoft Project tool.


  • To identify new project/ product needs and start the management of the project portfolio for the Business Line.
  • To ensure customer product and timing of requirements are base lined within the scope of the project overview.
  • To contribute to the Product Approval Committee by deliverables such as departmental deliverables at each Gate, timing and ensure understanding of the objectives.
  • To ensure product introductions are complete within the appropriate Gate deliverables in PAC.
  • To track new projects performance and adjust plans in accordance with the total project pipeline of the Business Line.


  • Coordinates and chair cross functional meetings for set projects.
  • Report updates in the twice a month Project Review meetings.
  • Provide update at the monthly Product Management Review (PMR) meetings.
  • During the Project Review meetings review of project performance and evaluate the current and projected status against the approved plan.
  • Maintain accurate records of project data, deliverables items and timing of deliverables.
  • Evaluate project schedules for possible delays and develop alternative actions with personnel to satisfy risk-mitigation planning.
  • Escalate the actions as needed to insure tasks are met in a timely manner that ensures the projects are meeting the time line assigned.
  • Keep running list of projects and the metrics of completion on time and what areas/function needs improvement of performance.
  • Post and maintain monthly metrics to most current status.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • College degree in either Engineering, Business, Marketing, or Operations or equivalent field experience. Engineering preferred.
  • Minimum 3 years sales, marketing or project management experience.
  • Knowledge and experience in Electrical Industry preferred.
  • Knowledge or experience in protection and safety of electrical devices preferred.


Posted On: Friday, September 27, 2019
Compensation: $130,000.00

Position Contact
Shawna Colantuone
(603) 560-1673
North Bergen, NJ
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