Sr. Software Engineer

Turn2Partners - Herndon, VA, United States

This Turn2 Client is a leading software product company in the health and wellness space. This a fully remote organization, and this position can be based anywhere in the US.

We have partnered with them on the hunt for a Senior Search Engineer with a keen interest in data and API optimization. As a key member of our dedicated search team, you will have the unique opportunity to positively impact user experiences through your expertise in services driving nutrition logging. Collaboration, mentorship, and fostering an inclusive environment are core values we cherish among our team members.

In this role, you will primarily focus on leveraging your skills in Scala and Elasticsearch, while also engaging with Java, Ruby, Go, Node, and Python within our diverse tech stack. Your expertise in search technology and engineering prowess will be invaluable in supporting and uplifting your fellow team members.


  • Lead the assessment and deployment of cutting-edge search and data technologies, ensuring unparalleled search experiences for our application and API users.
  • Optimize search performance through managing distributed I/O patterns, refining data-design, conducting indexing, and implementing evaluation and enhancement strategies.
  • Create and maintain APIs that drive user experiences by seamlessly integrating with services across various engineering teams.
  • Collaborate closely with our engineering and product teams to collaboratively solve critical user issues, utilizing a wide array of technologies.
  • Participate actively in code reviews, acting as both a mentor and a collaborative peer to foster a knowledge-sharing culture.


  • Extensive development and administration experience in diverse search technologies such as Elasticsearch, Opensearch, Apache Solr, and/or Algolia.
  • Proficiency in optimizing search performance, conducting query analysis, defining success criteria and metrics, as well as designing ranking and relevance experiments for Elasticsearch.
  • Adept at managing high availability and disaster recovery options for search.
  • Proven ability to identify and address service pain points, prioritize requirements, and define success criteria.
  • Experience in developing high request volume APIs catering to various clients, including Mobile, Web, and Third-Party integrators.
  • Familiarity with a range of data stores and search technologies, including MySQL, RDS, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Open Search, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, among others.
  • Exposure to cloud computing platforms like AWS, GCP, and/or other cloud service providers.
  • Prior experience with languages such as Python, SQL, and/or GraphQL.
  • Strong understanding of best practices in database design, data architecture, and performance tuning.

If this interests you or someone you know, please apply directly, and a member of our Technology Search Practice will reach out directly to discuss further.

Posted On: Monday, November 13, 2023
Compensation: 170K+

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