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Company: Unagi Scooters

Role: Global E-commerce Logistics Lead



Company Description

Unagi deepens connections between people and their communities by elevating the standard for portable urban mobility. With less than a year in the market, Unagi has already captured the minds and hearts of countless reviewers and customers for redefining the “owned” portable electric scooter category and creating the first electric scooters deemed “too nice for sharing.”

Unagi is singularly focused on this soon-to-be $12B market revolving around scooter ownership. We take great pride in putting state-of-the-art products into the hands of customers. And we’re just getting started. With a stellar incumbent team and the close of our first institutional funding round in hand, we’re on a path to fundamentally change human motion.

Job Description

You will oversee a global logistics chain that includes transportation, warehouse, and reverse logistics for a fast-growing electric mobility startup. You will own every piece of the journey from the factory to the customer, along with the performance metrics for each partner along the way.

Your role will include understanding the location and status of all inventory is once it has departed the factory, and balance meeting demand with the financial considerations of moving freight world-wide. You will also own reverse logistics and the process of managing returned product.

You will be the single point of contact internally for our freight and logistics partners, and the primary operator of our inventory / order management system. Your channels include both B2B and B2C.

The ideal candidate has experience with logistics for an ecommerce company; an understanding of VAT and cross-border commerce for the EU market; and the ability to work with a rapid flow of inventory.

  • Manage logistics and 3PL providers globally
  • Own shipping docomentation
  • Ensure compliance with safety, security, and regulatory requirements including but not limited to transport, trade compliance and customs regulations.
  • Oversee performance of Logistics partners by maintaining KPI’s and holding partners accountable to any consistently below-target performance
  • Manage costs across the entire fulfillment system from ex-factory to the customer
  • Planning and implementing the overall supply chain strategy, distribution and analytics
  • Managing efficiency for Warehouse Inventory and overseeing their daily flow
  • Managing 3PL, and reverse logistics (return to vendor and returned product resale)
  • Oversee all shipping carrier management
  • Oversee and manage all vendor communication
  • Ensure correct shipping services are chosen for B2C, B2B orders
  • Oversee the scheduling of Ocean/international and LTL shipments as required
  • Suggest solutions for process improvements
  • Manage the logistics and inventory work of new channel launches
Required Skills and Experience
  • Previous management role in an ecommerce or logistics company
  • 5+ years experience in logistics and 3PL management
  • 2+ years experience in global freight and logistics
  • 2+ years ecommerce experience
  • High competency with MS Excel and google sheets
  • Prior work with cross-border shipping in EU
  • Experience with at least one ecommerce platform
  • Experience with at least one WMS
  • Experience on Shopify+
  • Experience with Tradegecko
  • Mandarin proficiency

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Posted On: Sunday, September 8, 2019

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