Front-End Developer

Tyche Project - Boston, MA

This is an opportunity to shape the culture of a new development team while building a product from scratch. Our client is well-funded and you’ll have the support to make things happen.

After a few years with them, you’d be able to say you were one of the first members of the team and that you had primary responsibility for building a new product that could forever change how software is created and maintained.

Our client’s mission relates to open source sustainability. If they’re successful, you’ll be part of creating a more equitable and more effective software industry. They’re just getting started, but here’s the goal. They’d like to build a product development team passionate about making a difference to others, with relevant software that helps people.

Their goal is for everyone on the team to care about users, care about business context, care about design, and care about one another. They want to hire people who get along with others and care deeply about how their work will be used.

The backend stack will be mostly Ruby (they don’t require Ruby for this Front-End Developer role, but of course they’d be happy to give you opportunities to learn it if you want!).

The company aims for work-life harmony; they believe in doing good work, with urgency and pragmatism, but at a sustainable pace.

About you:

We’re looking for a frontend developer; someone at home in the browser, crafting JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. We would love to meet you if you have a second competency as well, which could be visual design, interaction design, backend development, or perhaps some skills you have which we haven’t thought of.

If you aren’t a visual designer yourself, we’d like you to work closely with a designer to implement a product that looks great.

In this role, you would have the option to work remotely from a US time zone, or from their office in Boston. This client is currently unable to provide or transfer existing work visas. US citizens or Green Card holders only, please.

Posted On: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Compensation: $145,000.00

Position Contact
Bill Sullivan
(978) 381-3320
Boston, MA
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