IoT Engineer - Clean Water Startup

Tyche Project - Boston, MA

Want to join a company that is changing the way cities work and providing clean-water solutions to their residents?

Our client, a technology company focused on monitoring and control of stormwater infrastructure, is seeking a full-time IoT Engineer to join our R&D team in Boston.

They are a small, multidisciplinary team of engineers working to invent and implement the next generation of internet-of-things-based, real-time environmental management. They uniquely combine data describing the actual state of the environment with weather forecasts to actively manage water storage infrastructure, increasing its effectiveness and helping keep water resources clean. To make this all happen, the R&D team builds, operates, and maintains a set of cloud services and embedded devices: collectively the Opti Platform. As a small team, every engineer plays a crucial role in our success.

The right candidate has a background in either software engineering, electrical engineering, or computer engineering and has some experience developing both PCB-based hardware as well as the firmware that runs on it. Additionally, the ideal candidate is familiar with technologies outside of the hardware world (e.g. the use of REST APIs), embraces modern development practices such as the use of Git source control and unit testing, and has a drive to continue to improve development practices at Opti. Past experience in environmental monitoring is preferred as most of the systems we integrate with are in that context.

Responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, contributing to the development and support of embedded products: creating new functionality, increasing unit-test and integration-test coverage, developing and maintaining product documentation and materials for sales-oriented product cut-sheets, and supporting their operations engineers with complex troubleshooting of both in-house and remote sensors, controls, and embedded devices.

Specific activities this role will take part in include:

  • Designing and implementing local data collection, storage, and communications on embedded products to seamlessly handle temporary network outages.
  • Expanding the catalog of sensor and actuator integrations supported by their product line, including estimating scopes of work to integrate components.
    • Overseeing ongoing development of continuous assessment of new hardware components and communication between internal parties and vendors
  • Further enhancing the overall transparency of an embedded stack by devising new strategies to manage observed failures.
  • Improving the ability and ease of troubleshooting embedded firmware and hardware on devices spread across the country.
  • Improving the data compression used to send data from the device to the cloud to further reduce operational costs.
  • Integrating feedback from the first ~2 years of field runtime of their embedded products into next-generation designs as necessary.

You will be working with a group of passionate software, environmental, water resources, and mechanical engineers who are eager to learn and improve and who are committed to a vision of adaptive cities and safer and cleaner water.


Preferred candidates will hold a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline. Experience and/or certifications in related computer science and information technology applications may be substituted for the degree concentration. Preferred candidate will also have 2 to 5 years of related experience. A background in science or engineering is beneficial.


  • Experience with embedded firmware development in C++;
  • Experience writing and maintaining automated unit tests;
  • Experience with a version control system such as Git;
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work effectively as part of a small software development team;
  • Familiarity with EAGLE PCB design software and with PCB design and test;


  • Experience with the platform is highly sought-after;
  • Experience with Linux (Ubuntu) development environments;
  • Industrial SCADA experience, in particular familiarity with serial messaging protocols such as Modbus;
  • Familiarity with event-driven systems and hierarchical state machines;
  • Use of major public cloud infrastructure, especially enterprise messaging systems such as Microsoft Azure Service Bus or Amazon Kinesis;
  • Experience with a managed programming language such as C# or Java;
  • Comfort around scientific and engineering concepts such as basic statistical analysis, time-series visualization, aggregation, etc;
  • Experience with spec writing and other documentation tasks.
Current Benefits Summary:
  • Bonus opportunity based on individual and company performance against goals
  • Stock options (awarded to full-time employees)
  • 3 weeks of vacation
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO/HMO health coverage
  • Delta Dental coverage
  • 401(K) - voluntary contributions
  • Paid parental leave policy


Posted On: Thursday, April 5, 2018
Compensation: 140,000

Position Contact
Bill Sullivan
(978) 381-3320
Boston, MA
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