Vertical Careers, Inc.

Senior Engineer [Python/Javascript / React / NodeJS] for rapidly growing company [Multiple locations: CA, AZ, OR, UH, WA, TX]

Vertical Careers, Inc. - San Mateo, CA, United States

Direct Hire: SR ENGINEER

Multiple Location

(Tempe, AZ

San Mateo, CA

Denver, Colorado

Portland, Oregon

Salt Lake City, Utah

Seattle, Washington

Austin, Texas

Dallas, Texas)


A software development generalist who cares about driving business impact

Recent experience working on consumer-facing sites with considerable traffic

Recent experience with fullstack Javascript / React / NodeJS

Recent experience with Python

Extensive experience and passion for building tools and libraries that are used by other teams or for the open-source community

Experience writing well-tested, well-factored code

Experience in continuous integration and delivery

Experience working in a continuous improvement / Kanban environment

Posted On: Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Compensation: up to $185K DOE

Position Contact
Sam Ray
(626) 486-9469 ext. 18
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