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VetProCentral - Collierville, TN

We are searching for an associate veterinarian. We have great team and no drama! Seeking veterinarians with at least 3 years experience willing and eager to do surgery and dental procedures. We seek someone who likes a long term relationship with clients and the practice. We give excellent customer service. we practice great medicine.

We want to be known not just locally but regionally as an excellent vet practice.

FT (35+hrs/week) but happy to discuss part time as well for the right person.

Collaborative environment must be happy to work well with others. No boarding or grooming at the practice. 2 staff mtg's per month (1.5 hr each). 5 licensed techs out of our 7 techs, FT practice manager, PT social media person- strong social presence

We are well-equipped - ultrasound, dental digital xray, regular digital x-ray, in house and outside labwork, laser therapy

Our practice plan is to begin expanding our current facility from 2500 sqft adding an addl 2200 sqft- pick up a total of 7 exam rooms, a dental suite, specialty room, larger tx area

Mission statement- The mission of our practice is to glorify God through our daily pursuit of humility, knowledge, service, passion, forgiveness, integrity, empathy, courtesy, and excellence especially as these relate to dealing with each other, our clients, our patients, and other businesses. In addition, our diligent pursuit of these lofty aims will create not only an organization honoring God but also a sense of pride and purpose among our people.

Core Values:

We believe Our People are the Key! We believe in Utilizing our People to the Fullest

The greatest asset of our company is having quality people because it is only through great people that we can accomplish great things.

We believe in Exceeding Client’s Expectations

We must consistently provide clients and patients with a unique, positive, and memorable experience at KCMC. They must receive care, concern, value, empathy, and consistency in every visit. Everyone must be dedicated to the highest quality of customer service.

We believe in Investing in our People

Because our people are the key, they must be invested and nurtured. Primarily we will do this through continual training in every field of veterinary medicine

We believe in Mutual Respect and Professionalism

Employees will be treated and will treat each other with respect, courtesy and professionalism. Everyone will be expected to demonstrate these qualities every day to colleagues, patients, and clients.

Everyone will be utilized to the utmost level of their skill and knowledge in order to provide consistent excellent client service and patient care. This environment will provide a more rewarding work experience for everyone.

We believe in Seeking Input from our People and Clients

The greatest source of knowledge and ideas comes from our own great staff and top clientele. We will strive first to ask and then to listen.

We believe in Being Passionate and Having a Good Attitude

We want people to bring passion and attitude to their life and to their career in order to touch our patients, the clients, and their colleagues in a meaningful way.

We believe in Possessing a Willingness to Change or Adapt

If you are not growing professionally, emotionally, personally, spiritually, intellectually, corporately you are dead. We need to realize if we don't stay on the forefront we'll be left behind.

We believe in Serving One Another

Everyone working here must be motivated by a loving concern for others. The golden rule should apply daily in our practice setting.

We believe in Having Fun and Loving Our Work

We have chosen one of the most fun and exciting careers available. Life is too short and there are too many things to accomplish in it. Let’s seek to make each day a memorable one for yourself and others.

We believe in Providing Our Patients the Best Medical Care and Our Clients the Best Advice

We will strive to offer our clients and patients the latest medical knowledge, equipment, and advice within our abilities. We will be dedicated to our patient's success and our client's concerns.

We will Encourage a Sense of Personal Pride and Company Spirit

If done with excellence, our work should make us proud. If everyone on the staff pursues excellence, then we will develop a company spirit that makes us proud to be associated with this family. Do a job and be a person worth emulating!

Posted On: Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Compensation: Depends on experience

Position Contact
Gwendolyn Delavar
Senior Veterinary Recruiter/Principal
(858) 531-1190
Experienced veterinary recruiter
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