Shelter Veterinarian

VetProCentral - Yuma, AZ

We are seeking one to two shelter/HVSN (high quality) veterinarians. You would be doing HVSN, plus vaccine clinics plus public animals. Straight salary. $110-150,000 depending on experience. AZ has ability to give student debit credit if working here. New grad okay but needs to be very confident and have a technical background and/or internship/externship in shelter to be successful. Ability to mentor limited. Schedule: 4 day work week - about 8 hours a day so about 36 hours a week. Small amount of on-call - generally just answering calls from techs if there is an issue. Tech to doc ratio for sx: 4-1. Let's talk about public service and giving back to the pet community in Yuma AZ! All inquiries confidential. Text or call me (Gwen) at 858-531-1190. 

Posted On: Friday, September 2, 2022

Position Contact
Gwendolyn Delavar
Senior Veterinary Recruiter/Principal
(858) 531-1190
Experienced veterinary recruiter
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