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Ecommerce Roles (For Portfolio Companies)

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We are looking for high-performing ecommerce professionals for our portfolio companies. Successful candidates will be strong contributors to the strategy and execution of ecommerce initiatives across several platforms. 

Potential roles may include a range from Ecommerce Manager to VP Ecommerce. While specific roles may not be available immediately, candidates will be considered for future roles through this job posting.

Primary Job Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a strategy for how and/or when to build an ecommerce business across various platforms (Amazon, Jet, Chewy, etc.), with various retailers (Sephora, etc.) and/or through the company's own website (direct-to-consumer).  
  • Overseeing the growth and management of all aspects of the ecommerce business including planning, content strategy and development, promotional campaigns and other online marketing, web design, web analytics and web technologies.
  • Working closely with Operations to build a supply chain that can support a scaling ecommerce business.
  • Maintain relations with customers by organizing and developing specific customer- relations programs; determining company presence at conventions, annual meetings, trade associations, and seminars.
  • Keeping current with the latest ecommerce trends and technology to drive innovation and stay ahead of competition.


  • Possess a “consumers first” mindset. Always thinking about our end consumer and their needs.
  • Are skilled at planning, prioritizing and executing simultaneous projects and activities.
  • Are a naturally curious and proactive attitude. Joy in trying new things, contacting new people, exploring new opportunities.
  • Have strong attention to detail (proofreading, responding to small requests, “keeping all the balls in the air”)

Posted On: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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