Senior Software Engineer

Whizport - Saint Louis, MO

Whizport’s mission is to give IT professionals the power to build dream careers and work with innovative companies to make a real difference. We specialize in matching IT professionals offering contract, contingent, and retained search capabilities working in the strictest confidence.


  • Work on all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with an infrastructure-as-necessary mindset to create interesting products.
  • Create automated UAT and unit tests.
  • Experience with at least one programming environment and related tools (e.g., Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Go, Erlang, Elixir) is required.
  • Cloud experience - AWS, Azure, GCP, we do not care what flavor we use what makes sense.
  • Could function as a "go-to" person for a variety of technologies (e.g. Java, PostgreSQL, Ansible, etc...)
  • Has some experience with operating systems other than their primary
  • Strong problem-solving approach, presenting a variety of potential solutions to issues
  • Approach to issue resolution that is rigorous and rational
  • Comfortable automating various aspects of the product
  • Comfortable automating various aspects of the product
  • Enjoys paired programming
  • Comfortable converting business needs into a design
  • Has released at least one commercially usable software product
  • Has a good balance between getting the task done and avoiding technical debt.
  • Understands agile development and may be able to teach the concepts
  • Can successfully explain and communicate technically complex and abstract concepts to business and product teams.
  • Willingness to prioritize team requirements before personal needs
  • Willingness to experiment with development techniques with an open mind


  • Should have hands-on with any of the programming languages listed here (Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Go, or Elixir), (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Should have solid knowledge and experience with any of the following cloud platforms (Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, Go, or Elixir), (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Looking for folks who enjoy Infrastructure as code, automation, and IoT
  • EXPERIENCE WITH: commercial product, Automation, paired programming, PostgreSQL, and Ansible is preferred

Preferred Experience and Skills:

  • Has shipped a number of commercial products
  • Experience in a similar profession (e.g., customer support or data science)
  • Knowledge of a functional programming language
  • Would be interested in business (e.g. product viability and marketing)






Job Status: Open



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