Senior Sales Executive

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Boston, MA

Position: Boston, Senior Sales Executive, experienced in selling web and mobile application design and development services. Land and expand sales model

Solutions: services proven to help SaaS companies, internet brands, and enterprises, create and implement viable and compelling prototypes and fully built out web sites and applications in a timely fashion; from concept to launch, including initial post-its and sketching, design sprints, coding, and implementation


Responsibilities: Prospect and close new accounts



  • Global, 6 locations
  • Culture: “Our associates works in a relaxed and educational atmosphere to create best-in-class products for our clients. We work a sustainable pace. We also like to learn. Our success depends on on having a great team and a culture of growing. Additionally, we maintain an inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive professionally, as well as have full lives outside of work.”
  • Web site includes credible and compelling case studies of their work’s strategic value for their customers
  • Accomplished Chief Marketing Officer has been instrumental in driving brand awareness, leads, and international growth
  • 10 years in operation, over 690 customers, including Redbull and Merck
  • Exceptional growth, qualified leads are often sourced through their highly regarded thought leadership (blogs, etc.) on how to leverage open source and other leading-edge technology platforms
  • Proven and repeatable template for successful sales execution
  • Strong support from marketing, and accomplished design and development professionals on staff

 Quota: depends on candidate's experience and compensation

Sales cycle: 15 - 30 days

Deal size: initial deals are $10k to $100k, and frequently expand to $300k+. A few clients have reached $1m.

Candidate Criteria:

  • Experience selling project-based web and mobile application development services
  • Success track record prospecting and closing net new business
  • Team oriented and collaborative, but also sufficiently self-directed
  • Career stability, infrequent job changes
  • Can provide examples of when and how you sold to SVP and C Suite level business AND technology executives
  • Enough sales velocity to develop several net clients per quarter, but also strategic enough to expand accounts




Posted On: Thursday, January 2, 2020

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