Regional Sales Manager

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - Columbus, OH

Enterprise Sales Career Opportunity: Senior Field Sales Executive: Ohio, Indiana, or Western, PA. SaaS for the discrete manufacturing market

Solution: enables discrete manufacturing companies to dramatically reduce the costs of global factory and supply chain set up associated with new products. Enterprises benefits from being able to identify and reduce cost excess BEFORE products are physically designed and produced, resulting in agility and improved market responsiveness. They make “what if” scenarios possible with comprehensive and real time data.

Solution shows a concrete, unquestionable, and rapid ROI


  • 12 years in business
  • Global
  • Double digit, year after year, revenue growth
  • Sample clients GE Healthcare, Textron, Caterpillar, Bombardier, Ford, Bentley Automotive, Toyota Material Handling, Schneider Elevator, Raytheon, and CNH.
  • 150 employees
  • Xtra Effort originally introduced them to their current VP of Sales, and have since helped them hire several Sales, Sales Engineering, and demand generation associates … they are all thriving
  • Funded by a Tier One VC firm that has been responsible for identifying and funding several companies who have since gone IPO


Competitive Advantages:

  • Traditional competitors rely on historical data, and require weeks or manual labor (and greater cost) to generate less meaningful output. Their patented software can be quickly installed and provides instant access to cost savings data.
  • Solutions are proven to be functional and scalable


What You Will Need to Succeed:

  • Success selling CAD, MES, Supply Chain, or PLM software to executives of large discrete manufacturing companies
  • Infrequent career changes
  • History of surpassing quota
  • History of being a top ranked sales executive among your peers
  • W2’s that are frequently at least twice your base salary

Deal range: $600k - $1.5m over a four year subscription period

Sales Cycle: 9 month average Target

Compensation: $125k+- base, $250k+- OTE; equity

Quota: approximately $1m

Posted On: Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Compensation: $125,000.00

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