Enterprise Account Executive

Xtra Effort Solutions, Inc. - New York, NY

Role: Enterprise Account Executive

Solution: real time Artificial Intelligence technology proven to be unique in its ability to predict IT performance and prevent issues before users’ (customers or employees) experience any issues.

  •  AI is applied to data coming from all sections of the stack (applications, security, endpoints, databases, middleware, storage, network, AWS, Azure, Openstack, hybrid, etc.) without any required advanced data pre-processing or configuration.
  • Easy to configure and implement


Value to the enterprise: protect revenue, insure employee productivity, and enable IT to focus on more strategic priorities


Why top talent is joining this company:

  • Hot market: AI Ops
  • Great customer references: P&G, Verizon, UBS, FedEx, ING etc...



  • Their Chief Revenue Officer has been responsible for leading six other high growth enterprise technology companies to global scale, resulting in acquisitions by Oracle, HPE, Microsoft, and Dell … and favorable equity returns for the sales teams.
  • Customers include: P&G, Verizon, UBS, FedEx, ING, Citrix,
  • Partners: AWS, Redhat
  • Awards from VMworld, CRN
  • Two years in field operations with product being available for prime time
  • Funded by top tier, globally recognized VC firms


Competitive advantages (why they beat Splunk, and APM tools):


  • No advanced configuration required
  • More automated and less laborious approach to accurately seeing potential performance issues.
  • Enables enterprises to monitor the entire IT ecosystem, as opposed to being limited to specific hot spots where there is known performance vulnerabilities.
  • Can analyze data from dramatically different services/layers, across the whole stack, providing for stronger root cause analysis
  • Results from previous performance alerts and root cause analysis results are automatically fed back into this performance management system, allowing IT to quickly access and deploy previously successful resolutions taken by the enterprise

APM vendors (NewRelic, AppDynamics, DynaTrace, etc.)

AI is applied to data that is sourced from the enterprise’s “owned” code and applications; but also code they don’t directly control, AND the network, storage, etc.… better for root cause analysis

Log Management Solutions

Machine learning and AI are proactively deployed to log data for better root-cause analysis; as opposed to using logs to only react to an adverse event that has already transpired

Anomaly Detection tools (i.e., Prelert, Anodot)

AI saves IT time by not having to invest time investigating anomalies

Superior means to "See the forest through the trees" with much less dependency on an analyst seeing it in advance


First year quota:$1M

Sales Support:

  • Sales Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Channel leads



  • Salary and OTE range: $250-$300, 50% salary, 50% commissions
  • Comprehensive Benefits
  • Equity


Deal Range: (land and expand)

  • Initial deal = $100k
  • Expansion deals = $200k+


Candidate criteria:

  • Recent and deep track of reaching/surpassing quota by developing net new accounts
  • Knowledge of the IT performance management or Service Desk management sectors


Posted On: Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Compensation: $250k to $300k OTE, 50% salary

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